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Listerine is very much concerned about its product’s infused ingredients. They always fill their bottles using high-quality ingredients. Their production process involves a scientific way to come up with a superior result. 

This multinational brand was introduced in the UK in the year of 1970. Since then it has been serving across the UK with its superior oral health care.

All their products are formulated carefully with superior ingredients. Listerine essential oils are enriched with nature. Their mouthwashes are free from parabens, and triclosan.

They do not create any side effects after using them. This eminent brand also continuously strives for the reduction of packaging waste. So that they are using more recyclable, and renewable materials for packaging. 

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Things to Know About Listerine

Listerine is focused on the reduction of greenhouse emissions with their innovative solutions. They are also known for their environmental resource conservation.

The conservation process impulse by increasing energy and water efficiency. Their mission is to source 100% of the electricity from renewable sources.

Listerine is the alcohol-free mouthwash brand. It has owned awards for its premium products. The alcohol-free formula makes them safe to use.

They are the first prescribed product to kill oral germ to maintain oral hygiene. Their products are also known for the efficiency of reducing bad breath.

Listerine possesses a huge product range both for children and adults. Their product range features various categories. They are Total Care, Stay White, Cool Mint Milder Taste, Teeth & Gum Defense, and more.

Their range also includes Total Care Sensitive, Cool Mint, Fresh Burst, Advanced White, and Total Care Milder Taste. One can also find collections from the range of Nightly Reset and Advanced Defense Gum Treatment.

All these ranges are specialized in different ways. People can choose from here accordingly based on their oral needs. 

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Benefits of Using Listerine

Their immense range of products delivers versatile beneficial key features. Their Total Care range possesses 6 in 1 benefits and helps to solve 6 different oral problems.

They kill germs, reduce plaque, freshen breath, strengthen teeth, and keep teeth white. They also help to keep gums healthy. The Stay White mouthwash range has specially designed to keep teeth naturally white by reducing the tartar build.

Their alcohol-free cool mint formula removes up to 97% of bad breath. It also strengthens enamel, maintains healthy gum, and improves oral hygiene. 

Listerine oral care products are of versatile ranges. It facilitates the brand to be specified in many ways. Some own multiple benefits, Whereas some are favorable for enamel protection.

Listerine products expertly aid in gum health, sensitivity, whitening, and fresh breath. The taste of their products is also variable. They come in both mild and intense taste.

Whether one is looking for daily oral protection or advanced defense range, Listerine has all solutions under a single roof.

All their products are expertise in killing germs, reducing plaque, and more. They all provide fresh breath protection for up to 24 hours. 

What Makes Listerine Stand Out From the Rest

The incredible features of their premium mouthwashes make Listerine stand out from the rest. They have formulated their Teeth and Gum Defense range with the infusion of fluoride.

It allows this range to strengthen tooth enamel along with protection against decay. The range is also proven to prevent a major cause of gum disease. Listerine Total Care Sensitive Range facilitates all-round protection from sensitive teeth.

The clinically proven Advanced Defense Gum Treatment treats gum disease within a very short time. Its invisible protection shield helps to do so for a natural, healthier gum. 

Listerine not only deals with mouthwash range. Their product range also includes toothpaste, fluoride rinse, chewable tablets, quick-dissolving strips.

They also include dental floss, breath spray, and more. This multi-dimensional product range of Listerine makes them helpful over the others.

Only two times rinsing for the 30s in a day results great. All their mouthwashes remove up to 97% of germs. It is needed to maintain oral health after brushing the teeth.

They also help to reduce plaque by up to 56% more. Thus one can get a cleaner and fresher mouth every time when using them.

Listerine is a very effective mouthwash brand immediately after brushing the teeth. They have formulated products for both children and adults.

The children’s range is totally alcohol-free and sugar-free as well. They come in two flavors such as Mild Berry & Mild Mint. Their entire range not only helps to kill germs but also provide lasting fresh breath confidence.

Their range of Nightly Reset Mouthwash remineralizes enamel. Its high level of fluoride helps to do so. This range also incredibly prevents acid production which is caused by consuming foods and drinks.

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