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A Sweet Treat
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One of the most popular confectionery products all over the world, lollies are sugar candy made of a hard mounted stick which is for licking or sucking. Depending on where you are, there are various terms used for lollies such as sticky-pop, sucker, lolly and more. Usually fruit-themed, lollies are found in a good number of flavours and colours.

While the majority of lollipops are eaten at room temperature, there are frozen water-based kinds such as popsicles, ice lollies or ice lollipops which are quite different. They have the same confections like that of an ice cream.

There are lollipops, on the other hand, which have fillings such as soft candy or bubble gum. It is also typical to find novelty lollies with themes of mealworm larvae, among others. There are those with non-edible centres as well such as a flashlight.

Health Benefits of Eating Lollies

For sure, you will not believe that eating lollies is good for your lifestyle. It can do wonders on your health. It does not matter whether you are in your yoga sessions, these are some of the advantages of munching candies like a lollipop:

  • It can make your life longer. For as long as you eat it moderately, then it can definitely be good for you.
  • Makes you even more motivated. As a matter of fact, it will help you restore your willpower most especially as far as bigger tasks are concerned.
  • Healthy. Lollies are sometimes administered as medicine to children.
  • Can make your diet even more effective. They can suppress your hunger so if you are losing weight, this can keep your energy levels up.
  • Improves your whole mental health. It will elevate your mood and reduce stress. Thus, you are sure to increase your focus. It will also block pain eventually.

10 things you didn’t know about lollies

Best Lollipops

Who did not become a sucker for good, old-fashioned lollies? They are always about nostalgia! Many would definitely agree that they do not run out of style. Let us go down the memory lane with this list of the best lollies:

  • Bourbon Lollipops. This has innovated lollipops. This is one of a kind with its old-fashioned cocktail flavour. When you lick them, you will get a feel of the natural orange oil and cherry extract it uses. What is even better is that the organic orange peel, organic cherries and the grated orange rind are all visible in the product.
  • Rose Lollipops. This is a Portland-based artisanal candy that utilises natural and seasonal ingredients. This offers a ton of fun flavours to pick from. It starts with the Sweet Tea down to the Pinot Noir. The Rose Lollipops is dubbed to be the most intriguing though. It is infused with a lush rose wine that can be bought online.
  • Pressed Flower Lollipops. You might be wondering, are pressed flowers lollipop? In this case, they are almost too beautiful to resist. Usually, this is locally-sourced. However, these lollipops are for sale online too. Choose among its various colours such as pink, green, clear, purple or blue. There are dried pansies suspended for every lolly that you buy which is also individually wrapped.
  • Pink Lemonade Lollipop. This is a trendy lolly. At first look, you will mistake it for a rainbow confection. This has been enjoyed by many as a kid. However, the colours are more muted and subtle. They are from Ireland with their all-natural flavours and colours. The pink lemonade flavour is something you might want to check.
  • Coffee Lollipops. Candy and coffee in one - yes that is possible! This is ideal for coffee lovers who want a distinct flavour on their first link. This is made of heavy butter, cream and Colombian coffee. This is not only for your personal consumption, but it can also be a gift.
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