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Cheap Make Up Brushes

Cheap make up brush Deals, Voucher Codes & Offers on Sale

Our supportive team of bargain hunters has listed the latest cheap make up brush deals and special offers available for you. Save as much as 60% when you buy from Superdrug, Amazon, Argos, and other UK sellers. Stick to your budget when you use make up brush voucher codes from your favourite retailers to maximise your savings. Here you can compare and look for cheap make up brushes online most especially if you have a limited budget. Our savvy money-saving experts will provide you with useful tips for you to save money.

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24 Piece Make-up Brush Set
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24 Piece Make-up Brush Set
Set includes 24 different make-up brushes and a caseBrush bristles are made of high quality synthetic fibresAll brushes have strong and stylish wooden handlesCase is approximately... Read more
GoGroopie deals
27th Mar
20 Pcs Make up Brush Set
70% off
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20 Pcs Make up Brush Set
Use 70% off promotion for this price Brush Material: Nylon Hair Composition: 2 x Eyebrow Brushes 6 x Eyeshadow Brushes, 1 x Sponge Brush, 1 x Concealer Brush, 2 x Detail Brushes,... Read more
Amazon deals
27th Mar
Your Ultimate Guide to the Different Kinds of Make Up Brush
Massive savings on make up brushes and brush sets!

In the application of make up or face painting, the brush you use is your weapon. It will determine the end-result. It has an effect on the aftermath of your look later on. These tools come with bristles that can be either natural or synthetic. Usually, their handle is made of wood or plastic. Your choice will depend on your preference. They come in a wide array of sizes and shapes including straight, angular, chiselled, tapered, round or even angular.

The truth is, makeup application can be modified or changed because of the materials bound for the creation of brush. Hence, your brush is crucial to putting makeup because it can densely pack the product on your face. If you have a makeup collection and you want to ensure that you are only getting the best, it is about time you invest in brushes.

These are the most common types of makeup brushes you should have in your makeup kit:

  • Foundation Brush. In order for your application of foundation to be smooth, having this brush is a must. For an equal and even distribution, the trick is to dampen the brush with warm water. Moreover, this is also the tool in blending brush strokes. Just secure a slightly wet sponge.
  • Strippling Brush. This brush has light and feathery ends. A strippling brush creates a base that can make the application of a product easy to the skin. Through its light fibre, you will feel like you have used an airbrush. That is its effect on the face.
  • Powder Brush. A powder brush typically has long and fluffy bristles. From the name itself, the major function of this brush is to dust your face with loose powder. It can also be a compact powder if you must. The idea is to not make you look like you are from The Grudge. Moreover, it will also enable you to touch and set up your makeup without moving anything from your face.
  • Bronzer Brush. This is a soft, rounded, full brush. Since it comes with a round shape, the brush makes an equal distribution of the makeup. Furthermore, its bristles can also get the proper amount of colour so it is flawless on you skin.. Just make sure to shake off the excess powder.
  • Concealer Brush. A concealer brush comes with a wide base, flat brush, soft bristle and pointed tip. If you want to correct your spots, this can help you. A concealer brush helps you achieve a natural complexion.. This is one of the reasons why it is called the camouflage brush. Have this when you apply a concealer under your eyes. Hide dark spots with it as well where discolouration is usual.
  • Blusher Brush. As compared to a powder brush, this is more rounded and compact. As a matter of fact, it may be mistaken for a powder brush because they share similarities. The bristles are also effective in blending the makeup, most especially on the apples of the cheeks. Thus, it can eliminate the chance of showing harsh lines.

38 Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

How to Select the Right Make Up Brush

It does not matter whether the brush is animal or vegan - quality is the most important. So whether you are shopping for the earlier or latter, you must look for a soft one. Aside from this, you should also take into account its head. Even the diameter and the length of the bristle hair should be thought upon.

If you are still clueless in picking the most appropriate brush for you, you can consider the following tips:

  • You must begin covering your bases. There are many makeup artists out there who prefer the natural bristle since it works well with powder application. These natural bristles are often the softest and the fluffiest. Maybe you do not know that they have a cuticle. They do. Be mindful of that in scouting for the right makeup brush.
  • Select the right brush for you. Every task comes with an amount of vanity. If you have a set of brushes, you can secure the following: a slightly smaller fluffy brush, a large powder brush, an eyeshadow brush with the size of a fingertip and a smaller shadow brush. A domed shape is a safe pick. This is the answer to a precise output too.
  • Surpass the basics. If you are one who likes to apply the concealer with a brush, the idea is to own two sticks - a slick Taklon half an inch wide under your eyes may do magic; and a tiny, pointy one for your blemishes. Most foundation brushes blob a ton of coverage. If you prefer to use a damp sponge, that should be fine as well. That is a way to attain a sheer setting.
  • Only go for brushes that you can afford. High-quality brushes are an investment. However, you can be secured that they will be at the optimum performance. They will also ensure that makeup application is a pleasure. Just think about the maintenance. Otherwise, you are getting yourself the wrong brush.
How to Get Cheap Make Up Brush Deals in the UK?
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