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The company Melissa & Doug was founded by the young couple in 1988. All of their products are designed at its headquarters in Wilton Connecticut. Melissa leads the team of designers. The company has its factories in the US and abroad with over 1000 employees worldwide.

They also have some of their factories in China. At the beginning of their business, the couple borrowed a stick shift station wagon to make deliveries. From the very first customers' feedback was most important to them. In order to do that the couple used to emblazon their name on the back of every product. 

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Things to Know About Melissa & Doug

The owner of the company Melissa & Doug were big fans of puzzles. They questioned themselves on how they can take puzzles to another level. Both of them decided to make the piece textured and Voila this lead to the launch of fuzzy farm puzzles.

They began to put new twists on classic play patterns. For many years the couples focused on creating wooden puzzles in many new styles. As the business grows they decide to reinvent wooden toys.

With their creativity they make them more fun. Melissa and Doug conceptualize each toy at their office in Connecticut.

Melissa & Doug is a well-known brand for children's toys. The brand offers numerous toys with different features. They offer all types of toys for different age groups. All the products offered by the brand Melissa & Doug are lead-free.

The brand offers different types of toys including active plays and outdoor games. You can avail of unique and creative puzzles for your kids. They offer a great collection of toys in different categories. 

Their toys are available for children from the age of 0-12 months to 8years and above. You can purchase it in terms of price, theme, needs, and benefits for your kid.

There are numerous benefits of having Melissa & Doug toys. The brand offers many creative and fun toys for children. They are available for different age groups.

The material of the toys is not harmful to the kids. They are mostly popular for providing education toys for kids. One of the important parts of child development is learning through play.

The educational toys by the brand Melissa & Doug help in the development of your child. They also offer numerous collections of activity plays. All the toys are made with quality materials.

The brand Melissa & Doug offers products in multiple categories. Their range of activity & play, activity pads, and art & crafts. They also have quality collections for baby and toddlers' toys. The other collection offered by the brand is developmental toys, dolls & dollhouses, games, magic, and others.

You can also avail of their collection of musical instruments, pretend play, puzzles, seasonal play, and many others. The brand is also popular for providing products like play space & room decor, stuffed animals, and vehicles.

In terms of children’s healthy growth and development, they offer many products. This range of products is categorized as pretend play, problem-solving, developmental play, and arts & creativity. 

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What Makes Melissa & Doug Stand Out From the Rest

The uniqueness in the concept of the toys makes Melissa & Doug stand out from the rest. The couple first started to make the concept of puzzle more creative and interesting.

Then with the growth of the business, they started to reinvent the wooden toys. They enhance the wooden toys to make them more creative and fun. The couple develops a pretend play line of delicacies. 

They design it to look just like the food bought from the grocery. With the launch of the baby line, Melissa & Doug creates imaginative and inspirational toys for kids as well.

There are lots of advantages to Melissa & Doug toys. Their collection of toys and plays are interesting and creative. They aim to provide reinvented ideas of old pattern games.

The educational toys offered by the brand are ideal for developing skills of children. Their collection of toys can help in developing problem-solving skills.  It also helps to teach children about conflict resolution.

The educational toys offered by the brand are ideal for developing skills of children. Their collection of toys can help in developing problem-solving skills.  It also helps to teach children about conflictesolution.

The educational toys by the brand expertly teach children about sharing and develop their motor skills. The range of products helps to nurture the creativity and imagination of the children.

The creative ideas of Melissa & Doug of creating meaning toys make the brand useful. All the toys and other products are made with quality materials. It makes the product safe for children. The products are creative and fun for the kids. Educational toys are helpful in developing skills.

They offer a great collection of unique gaming toys. The idea of reinventing old pattern toys makes Melissa & Doug toys useful. It also makes toys and games much more interesting.                       

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