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All the best Minnie Mouse deals & discount codes available online!

The Unofficial Disney Princess

Minnie Mouse is an animal cartoon character that was created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks. Mickey and Minnie Mouse were first drawn in 1928. When she appeared in the comic strip "The Gleam" they revealed her full name as Minerva Mouse, but this is seldom used.

In the comic strip " Mr Slicker and the Egg Robbers," the writers introduced her father Marcus Mouse together with her mother. They are both farmers. Her other relatives are also introduced. In many comic strips, cartoons, and movies, Minnie Mouse is presented as Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend. She is also a very close friend of Daisy Duck and Clarabelle Cow. On January 22, 2018, Minnie Mouse was given her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Like Mickey Mouse, the voice of Minnie Mouse was sometimes provided by Walt Disney himself. In the late 1800’s the name Minnie was very popular. During those times parents name their newborn babies Minnie if they were a girl. In an interview with Walt Disney, he said that Mickey is married to Minnie and she is also Mickey’s leading lady as well. Minnie Mouse is very popular with women and little girls thus giving opportunities for people to manufacture and sell Minnie Mouse themed items.

How to Get Cheap Minnie Mouse Deals in the UK

Smyths Minnie Mouse toys

Collecting Minnie Mouse merchandise is fun and you can build up your collection. Since the introduction of Minnie Mouse, she has been a famous name and is still a favourite amongst young girls and even adults. Get great value for your money and purchase your favourite Minnie Mouse merchandise with the help of Latest Deals.

People most especially young girls are fond of collecting Minnie Mouse merchandise. You can easily add the latest Minnie Mouse soft toy or Minnie Mouse clothes to your collection with the bargain deals you can find here. There are also cheap Minnie Mouse gifts you can give to your kids such as Minnie Mouse toys for toddlers, Minnie Mouse dress up or Minnie Mouse scooter. From best budget Minnie Mouse jewellery, dresses, and watches to cheap Minnie Mouse dolls, bags, and duvet sets, you will surely find something here that will not compromise your budget.

Most online UK retailers have sale events, seasonal clearances, and flash sales where you can get up to 60% off on on a wide selection of Minnie Mouse themed items. Watch out for their Black Friday and Boxing Day deals where their prices are reduced even further. If you want to maximise your savings, make sure to use the latest Minnie Mouse discount codes we have here. We also have Minnie Mouse voucher codes where you can get freebies or free shipping.

Minnie Mouse toys for toddlers, Amazon UK

Here’s a list of online UK sites where you can find the best Minnie Mouse deals around:

The deals and special offers we have here are available for a limited time only, so make sure to take advantage of them right away before they expire. Do not forget to bookmark this page and never miss out on fantastic discounts, amazing savings, and everyday low prices from your favourite online UK shops!

Shopping for Minnie Mouse Doll at Smyths Toy Store

Minnie Mouse Gift Ideas from Disneyland

  • Minnie Mouse Ears Hats. These are probably the best selling and iconic relics in the Disney world. The popularity of these hats still remain and everyone if wearing them from infants to grandparents. You can also choose from a wide variety of colours, themes, and designs.
  • Minnie Mouse Autograph Book. This is a great souvenir item most especially for children. When you visit Disneyland, you can interact with your favourite character and have your autograph book signed by them. It is a wonderful experience.
  • T-Shirts. Minnie Mouse merchandise will never be complete without having a souvenir t-shirt. You can see them being sold all over the world. You can even see them in department stores. They come in various designs, styles, and colours.
  • Pins and Lanyards. You may want to have pins and lanyards as souvenir items. You can even trade them with your friends. It is a great way to keep your children excited and engaged.
  • Disney World Christmas Ornaments. Having Disney-themed ornaments will light up your house during the Christmas season. There are ornaments and decors of your favourite Disney characters including Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, and Donald Duck, among others.
  • Minnie Mouse Souvenir Mugs. Coffee mugs have long been one of the most popular souvenir items. You can buy them as a gift to friends or family members. You can also buy them for personal use. Pick a mug with beautiful designs and lots of colours.
  • Toys and Games. There are lots of Minnie Mouse and Disney toys and games that you can choose from. There are Monopoly board games and Disney trivia games. These toys are fun to play with. This will keep you busy for hours. All these toys are specially designed for children and they are very safe to play with.
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