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History of Monkeys
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Monkeys are non-hominoid simians. They generally have tails and there are about 260 known species of their kind. Monkeys are tree-dwelling animals although there are also species that like to live on the ground such as baboons. Most monkeys are active during the day and are considered as one of the most intelligent animals on the planet.

There are two major types of monkeys in the world including New World monkeys or platyrrhines and the Old World monkeys or the Cercopithecoidea. The New World monkeys originally can be found from South and Central America.

The Old World monkeys, on the other hand, are originally from Africa and Asia. There are also the species of Apes or hominoids which consists of chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, gibbons, and more. Simians and tarsiers emerged around 60 million years ago.

New World monkeys emerged around 35 million years ago. There are some species of monkey that have gone extinct such as the basal simians Aegyptopithecus or Parapithecus. Many people are fond of a monkey but it is very hard to have them as pets. But you can also cuddle with a monkey-like stuffed toy. There are also lots of monkey inspired items and merchandise that you can buy.

How to Get Cheap Monkey Deals Online

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Here at Latest Deals, we will provide you with the assistance that you need so that you can save money on your purchases. You can use your savings to buy additional items. You can also take advantage of the free delivery options that are being offered by UK sellers. If you are fond of monkeys then you should buy monkey themed and inspired items.

There are various monkey inspired items that you can buy including shorts, mugs, shirts, toys, and more. You can make use of exclusive monkey teddy UK offers and special discounts so that you can stick with your financial plans.

Stick to your budget when you use small monkey soft toy voucher codes from your favourite retailers to maximise your savings. Here you can compare and look for cheap monkey items online most especially if you have a limited budget.

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Fun facts about monkeys

Popular Monkey-Themed Gift Items

  • Bathrobe. Wear this monkey-themed bathrobe after taking a shower. It has a very funny design and it comes in a variety of colours. You can also wear it to the beach or when you go to a swimming party.
  • Silver Necklace. This fancy jewellery is a great gift item for people who love monkeys. It has a beautiful monkey design the will make the person wearing it feel cheerful.
  • Lunch Box. You can give this monkey-themed lunch box to your child. This will surely make him go bananas and have a fun time eating his lunch while looking at the fun monkey design of his lunch box.
  • Lip Balm. Give this banana flavoured lip balm to a friend. It also has a monkey design on it to emphasize that this can be used by people who love monkeys and bananas.
  • Mini Speakers. Give this monkey-inspired mini speaker to tech-savvy individuals. It has a very powerful sound and you can charge it via USB port.
  • Monkey Design Socks. This is a great gift mos, especially for children. It comes in various colours and it will surely bring out the monkey in your children.
Best Monkey Home Decor
  • Scented Candles. This banana scented candles are a great addition to your home. Your living room or bedroom will smell like bananas. The scent is not too strong so its perfect for your home.
  • Coffee Mug. Drink delicious coffee and tea with this coffee mug. Buy several mugs so that each member of your family will have one.
  • Alarm Clock. This item will surely make your children wake up on time for school. Give this to them so that they will have no excuse to wake up early.
  • Pot Holder. This is an essential item in your kitchen. This will prevent you from having blisters and burns when handling hot pots.
  • Bed Sheet. Sleep well with this monkey-themed bed sheet. It is very soft and made from durable materials that will surely last a long time.
  • Throw Pillows. These monkey designed throw pillows can be a great addition to your sofa. You can even put it in your bed and hug them when you are sleeping.
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