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Monopoly Junior

Monopoly Junior

The Monopoly Junior game is a simple introduction to the iconic Monopoly game. With easy and exciting gameplay kids can have a fun, fast adventure as they move around the board...Read moreVery deals
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28th Dec 2020
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  • I LOVE Monopoly! Think the game is fantastic and the company constantly finds new ways to make it more exciting with new editions. I think the prices are often very reasonable for the games and they are obviously fantastic quality. I've still got Monopoly games from over 15 years ago that are in excellent condition after being used multiple times. I think the game is brilliant, the quality is superb and the prices are always reasonable for the amount of use you can get from the games and you can always find good deals online from discount codes! Definitely would recommend! Mashleigh
  • I like Monopoly because it's a game that suits young and old, has different versions and you can become a millionaire property owner for an hour or so, or if you're unlucky you might just go straight to jail! It's a game I haven't played in a long time, although my daughter tried to get me to play it on the Wii, but it's just not the same as the good old fashioned board game. If you are looking to get this game cheap, then I would suggest getting a used one off Facebook marketplace or eBay or search for voucher codes on Latest Deals. CherylParry
  • I really love monopoly I have played it as far back as I can remember. I love that there is now different editions, that could suit any taste. It is a classic game from my childhood. I think with a lot of board games it crosses over the generations. Children, parents and grandparents can all join in, not difficult to pick up and enjoy all together. I think it’s probably stocked on every toy shop shelf up and down the county at a reasonable but very similar price and you can even get some money off from voucher codes available online. HayleyReevesHec
  • I like the different Monopoly games. My favourite ones have to be the Disney one and also Gettopoly. Sometimes the game can get a bit long winded but if you play with younger children you can also turn it into fun learning. Monopoly is highly collectible and I know a couple of people who collect them and they aren't for playing with. Over all its a fun game for across all ages which many people enjoy. Lookout for discount codes online to get bargain deals on Monopoly stuff. funwithlisa
  • Monopoly is a fantastic family board game. You can get so many different versions of it as well with plenty of good deals from voucher codes online. I have the Simpsons version but also have the game on the Wii which is great fun when friends come round. You can buy the board game for around £10 if you don't want the latest version and it's well worth it for hours of fun. Sometimes I find that people make up their own rules when they want to make more money in the game but the best job is being the banker counting all the money! Freebiesarefun
  • Monopoly is a great family board game. A classic that should be in every house. I enjoy playing this with my son and sometimes he suggest his own rules to the game 🙂 I remember playing it as a child. It is lovely that you can get various editions of it.The price is reasonable and there are decent savings from online discounts codes and you can also play it on a PlayStation, a tablet etc. We love it!It is great for all ages. KatherineSvenss
  • Everyone plays Monopoly in their life at one point. I think it is a great game and educational. Perfect for the days when you have nothing else to do, like Christmas day, when you do not want to watch the same movies what the TV channels play, just play this game instead. It is exiting and fun and has so many types now but you can find lots of offers from online voucher codes if you want to collect them all. Perfect for the whole family. bibolda
  • Omg monopoly board game always caused upset when I was a child as my dad always bought Mayfair and park lane and put the red hotels on them. Love playing monopoly junior with the kids and the game can be short and sweet or last longer. Teaches kids about money and brings a bit of maths into play. Also got the Avengers monopoly but don’t rate that version. Always best to stick with the original and always check sites like Latest Deals for discount codes on the game for some savings. sarahtwinmom

Monopoly has not only caused feuds between friends and family members, but also kept us entertained as it pushed players to be creative and strategic when it comes to handling finances. Though Monopoly continues to market its classic version across the world, they were able to successfully widen their audience through their various special editions. Let’s not forget about the Monopoly apps they have developed, which allows you to enjoy the same Monopoly fun on the go.

Here at Latest Deals, our community of bargain hunters are always on the lookout for the best of best deals out there including Monopoly finds. Browse through dozens of verified penny-pinching offers and take advantage of the coupon codes, discount codes, and voucher codes you can use on your next Monopoly purchase from trusted UK retailers such as Tesco, Argos, eBay, Smyths, and Amazon.

Develop your financial techniques with Monopoly and your money-saving skills with LatestDeals.


Monopoly Top 5 Facts

Top Monopoly editions in UK

The good thing about Monopoly is that it did not fade through the years. It’s prolonged existence is brought about by its changeability. Monopoly has tons of special editions that caters to different ages and fan bases. Check out the top Monopoly editions in the UK that you must have:

  • Stranger Things Monopoly. If you are an avid fan of 80’s theme and excitement, then this might be the perfect Monopoly version for you. Expect plenty of strange events to unfold throughout the game as you uncover the mystery troubling Hawkins, Indiana.
  • Game of Thrones Monopoly. It’s hard not to like HBO’s success show, Game of Thrones. This Monopoly edition is targeted to Game of Thrones huge fan base market. The tokens were designed after White Walkers, Direwolves, Iron throne, crown of kings, and dragon eggs. The “hotels” are now castles. If that does not define awesome, I don’t know what else does.
  • Star Wars Monopoly. Get to play as your favorite Star Wars character in this fast-paced trading game. Also, be ready to fall in love with their adorable figurines of both the light and dark side.
  • Walking Dead Monopoly. Depending on your style and taste, you might just find yourself enjoying the game of Monopoly with a hint of a zombie apocalypse vibe. Test your survival skills with trade estate and stay entertained with body parts and other favorite character items as tokens.
  • Classic Monopoly. Nothing beats the original. Stick to the basics with Monopoly Classic Edition. This is the best version to start off your Monopoly edition quest. Learn how to take control of the game by this timeless edition.

Where to Find Cheap Monopoly Board Game

  • Ebay. Can’t seem to find the exact Monopoly version you were used to? Check out Ebay’s great deals on Monopoly Board Games with editions from the 90’s up to the present. Be amused with Ebay’s various special edition Monopoly collections – Star Wars Monopoly collection, Simpsons Monopoly collection, Disney Monopoly collection, Vintage Monopoly collection, and a whole lot more.
  • Argos. Over 25 editions of Monopoly board game can be found at Argos. Get 20% off or more on their limited stock clearance sale on Monopoly deals. You can even have it delivered the same day by just paying a small additional fee of £3.95.
  • Amazon. You can browse through Amazon’s broad offer on various Monopoly versions starting at £6.82. Be on the lookout for Amazon’s on the spot back slash on their Monopoly prices. That’s up to half the original price of your favorite board game! Be an Amazon Prime member and get exclusive offers and free UK delivery on your purchases.
  • Tesco. From the original Monopoly board game to Monopoly Deal travel card game, you’d get to find your favorite Monopoly game from Tesco direct’s wide range of card games and family board games. Get to save £11 on your board game purchase – instead of shelling out £32.99, get it at its Tesco discounted rate of £21.99. Find more price cuts on Monopoly games at Tesco.
  • Smyths Toys UK. Find a wide range of family board games from Smyths Toys. Get to play Monopoly Ultimate Banking from as low as £13.49 on Monopoly Junior Game. They offer free delivery if your order is over £25.

Best Monopoly Apps

Just like any other business, it is wise to branch out your product or services in order to gain more audience and customers. Monopoly did the same thing. In this fast-moving era of technology, Monopoly came up with apps that will allow consumers to enjoy various Monopoly games. Here are some of their best apps in the market:

  • Monopoly Bingo! This game has earned Monopoly numerous international awards with its uniqueness. Get to play with your friends and aim to achieve extra coins, special marks and more by collecting distinctive bonuses. You’d even get to have the option to organize your own competitions. Travel to unique places such as Hong Kong and Mexico City with Monopoly Bingo World Edition, and don’t forget to state the magic word every time you win –BINGO!
  • Monopoly Here and Now. Change your typical Monopoly experience by taking it from the board to your own TV. Collect property stamps, travel the world’s most breathtaking landmarks, choose your tokens, purchase cities and keep your money rolling with Monopoly Here and Now. Get to play this app with up to six friends or family members. If you want to play alone, you can add up to three A.I. opponents.
  • My Monopoly. Create your own version of Monopoly. This app will allow you to design your own game with your preferred photos. This even allows you to upload photos from Instagram and Flickr. Get to add an extra touch of personalization by accessorizing the photos you decide to choose. Even though you don’t need to pay a dime to have this app downloaded, there are some features and items that can be bought –of course, not with Monopoly tokens, but with actual money.
  • Monopoly Game. Stay true with the original Monopoly –the majority’s favorite classic. Instead of having to set up a board game, you can enjoy some serious Monopoly fun on your app instead. They have improved the timeless game with quick animations giving the gameplay a much faster pacing.

Lessons You Learn From Monopoly

It is important to handle your finances wisely, and Monopoly games allow you to pick up valuable lessons on money that you can definitely apply to your reality. Here are some of the key lessons that can help you smoothly traverse money challenges:

  1. Have cash possession at all times. Just like how real life goes, you only have the chance to win if you have enough cash with you. It is inevitable to face financial obligations and let’s face it, you really have to pay. The only way you’re able to dodge that problem is if you put money where it should be. Unless you want to see your assets shrink and even potentially be led to bankruptcy, then there is no need for you to worry if you have cash on hand or not.
  2. Diversify. There are some risks that you should consider, but it’s a big NO NO to risk keeping all of your eggs in one place. In the event of worst case scenarios, you have some extra assets to back you up. Sure, it might be tempting to place all your money in a single jaw dropping property, but let’s face the reality where experts tend to purchase multiple properties. They may not be as fabulous as the expensive single property you can potentially buy, but hey, it’s the safest and smartest move you can do. It even gives you the opportunity to collect rent from corner to corner of the board.
  3. Take risks. The higher the risk, the higher the potential reward is going to be. Though we should be cautious with our decisions, we should not settle with what’s just there. Sure, taking risks may be terrifying as you can go to jail for that, but isn’t it terrifying as well to stay stagnant and be left behind? Make clever bets while you still can.
  4. Expect the unexpected. You won’t know what is going to happen until it finally takes place. It’s always a smart move to have a cash buffer in case something comes up. Set aside a portion of the cash you collect as you go along. Those savings will come in handy whenever you need to pay for additional expenses, rent, taxes, etc. Just like in real life, it’s wise to have extra funds for emergencies and unexpected overheads.
  5. Discipline. The goal is to be the last player standing. You cannot reach that goal if you spend all your hard-earned cash on buying every property that you feel like buying. Be strategic. If you feel like you have been spending over your limit then go on a ‘financial diet’. Eliminate unnecessary purchases and focus on the important stuff.
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