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  • I absolutely love Nivea products. I have very sensitive skin and psoriasis, there are not many products that I can use as they cause reactions to my skin but not Nivea. I am able to use all Nivea products, I use their face creams, deodorant, body cream , shower cream, face cleansing products and wet wipes. I could not be without any of these as I think they are truly fantastic and they all smell great. It is a product that has impressed me so much that I have recommended to friends and family who now use a range of Nivea products too. Plus there are a lot of discount codes online for Nivea that saves you a lot on your budget. zararoberts86
  • Every year I get bought the Nivea tin with lip balm and moisturiser in it, I use them up every time as the products make your skin soft and you can really tell the difference from when you don't use it. Nivea shower gel is the best product they do as it moisturises you as you shower and leaves your skin amazing afterwards and not dried out by the water. Nivea can be expensive so I only buy it when it is on special offer in the supermarket or with online discount codes. It does last a long time though and you don't need to use a lot. Freebiesarefun
  • I've always loved Nivea, especially the little tins of Nivea Creme because the smell reminds me of my mother's hands when she would dab my face when I was little some 30 years ago. I find Nivea's express hydration range great for my skin which is quite sensitive and dry. Nivea is always my first choice of product for skincare and it's a brand I can trust with a price tag and money saving voucher codes online to suit any budget. JessTilley
  • I really like the Nivea products, I find them very nice to use. Leaving my skin moisturised and soft. The shower cream and deodorant are my favourite. They are always available in my supermarket often with special offers as well as bargain deals from online voucher codes. The lip balm is one of my favourites I always ask for the gift sets at Christmas, they usually last me most of the year. I have sensitive and often dry skin so there products are brilliant they all have a delicate scent that isn’t over powering. HayleyReevesHec
  • If you asked me this about 8 years ago I would swear by NIVEA. But more recently although I love the brand I don’t seem to buy it as much as I used to. This is more because I have found newer products elsewhere that I prefer. Having said that, the Nivea moisturiser is one of the best for dry hands and skin and I love the small sized pots as they can be kept in the car. NIVEA lip care is also fantastic and the lip products are not overly fragranced either. The deodorant is good but more recently I have switched to another brand which I find better. The new NIVEA urban face masks are quite nice, particularly the heat up one so I like that the company is bringing out new products on the market constantly. I do love NIVEA I just don’t seem to buy it as much as I used to. Make sure to search for voucher codes online if you want to save on Nivea products. There are a lot available on sites like Latest Deals that you can take advantage of. AniMoh
  • I think Nivea is the best from creams to showers gels sun sprays and lotions we say Nivea we do think face creams but they have so many products to choose from it has been going for a long time. They are always bringing out new products and keep up with the times even now using argan oils. and this is very popular for ladies now, Prices sometimes a little high but find what you need on sale and and look for disocunt codes online then stock up. Would recommend Nivea. sandie12
  • Nivea is a great brand if you suffer from sensitive skin, eczema etc. A trustworthy brand that have been going for years and have a wide range of products for all skin types. I always have a tin of their lip balm in my bag especially during winter and it has never let me down. Their prices can be a little expensive at times but if you shop around you can pick up some good deals and promotions at reasonable prices especially with discount codes you can get online. They seem to keep up with the times and bring out new products on a regular basis. Cannot fault them. SRFMLY

Since its launch 130 years ago, Nivea remained to be one of the leading companies in the skin care industry. This company has always been committed to address the needs of its growing customers. Indeed, every household is not complete without its creams and lotions. The evolution its products has gone through is merely beyond the aesthetics, but the effectiveness too.

It was over a century ago when the modern skin care NIVEA crème was created. People, with different kinds of skin, depend on the brand all over the world. This is one of the reasons why it has continued to extensively improve its offering depending on the requirements per age, gender and culture. This kind of approach has resulted to dynamic and innovative skin care products for the past couple of years.

Aside from crèmes, Nivea also expanded its expertise to deodorants and sunscreen products. In order to do this, the company has partnered with almost 50 institutions all over the world to make sure that the offering suits all types of skin. If you aim to make this brand a part of your skincare routine, you may do so today because Nivea items can be purchased without spending a lot thanks to websites like Latest Deals where Nieva special offers are regularly verified and posted.

Where Can I Find Cheap Nivea UK?

Nivea products prices, Amazon UK

If you are looking for Nivea products such as body lotion, lip balm, body wash, deodorant, moisturising face cream, cellulite cream, shave balm, shave cream, and more, you have come to the right place. Take advantage of incredible discounts and savings from Nivea sale, voucher codes, discount codes, price drops and freebies you can find here at Latest Deals.

Our team of money-saving experts and huge community of bargain hunters online regularly look for the most affordable offers for beauty buffs. You can get any Nivea products you need without hurting your wallet. The deals we have here will certainly suit any budget. Get discounts from your favourite UK retailers such as Amazon, Argos, ASDA, Boots, Lloyds Pharmacy, Superdrug & more.

Where Can I Find the Best Deals on Cheap Nivea Online?

Nivea men products on sale, Boots

Is Nivea an important part of your beauty regimen? Here are some of the retailers that you can check in order to avail more discounts:

  • Amazon. Amazon has always been the best provider for cheap Nivea products prices. From body lotion, crème, firming and toning gel-cream, to a 5-piece gift set, owning the right Nivea item should not be with the offers you can find in this online retailer. You can even get additional exclusive discounts like free delivery if you’re an Amazon Prime member.
  • Argos. Argos supports everyone’s right for self-pampering through body and bath products such as Nivea. With a wide range of essentials such as grooming kits to shower gel, you will not run out of selection from this retailer. Find the best Nivea for sale and buy one at an affordable price. Earn up to 50% off when you buy from Argos as well as free delivery on select Nivea products.
  • Boots. Nivea Boots is the shop to check if you are a fan of the said brand. Choose from facial moisturisers, facial skincare, body care, Nivea Men, and crème. The retailer often have Nivea sale which includes half price on selected skincare products and 2 for £3 on selected deodorants.
Nivea product offers, Tesco
  • Superdrug. For so many years now, Superdrug has been in the forefront in becoming the leading retailer for health and beauty stores in the UK. Shop their Nivea range online and get better than half the price on their Nivea special offers. They also offer free standard order and collect.
  • Tesco. Tesco offers Nivea anti-wrinkle serums, sun moisturiser lotion and crème at an affordable price. You can also compare Nivea product prices here to ensure you will only get the best deal around.

Must-Have Nivea Products

Nivea is a commended cosmetic brand around the world. Since its introduction over a century ago, it has managed to survive in the industry because of its quality and price. From time to time, the brand launches new products to meet the demands and needs of the customers. This ranges from day cream to face wash, face scrub to toner. Basically, there is an item for everyone.

Here is a list of top-rated Nivea products you should check:

Nivea Nourishing Day Care Cream. Millions of women surely know what this Nivea Nourishing Day Care Cream is all about so an introduction is unnecessary. Made with calendula, almond oil and lipid, this cream penetrates your skin easily and works intensely that is why it will keep yours hydrated for a long time. It can also protect your skin from damaging sun rays that you should do your best to avoid.

Nivea Skin Refining Scrub. This is another product that Nivea is hyped for. This refining scrub is packed with micro-particles that may help in unclogging the skin pores away from dead cells, oil and dirt. Since it comes with panthenol, it can stimulate the skin to regenerate and restore the natural balance of your skin. This scrub can maintain the radiance of your face every time you apply the scrub.

Nivea Purifying Face Wash. If you are one who struggles with oily skin, this is the product that will suit your needs. Nivea Purifying Face Wash is made with micro-granules which can wash your face gently. This is done so that your pores will not look dry. Aside from this, it also has the properties of lemongrass and rice which when loaded in the face, would keep the sebum production in tight and happening without waiting for so much time.

Nivea Q+Anti Wrinkle Cleansing Milk. The sad reality is that the sun may steal the natural moisture and the youthful glow of your face. This may occur on a daily basis. This may also be the time when you suddenly find premature wrinkles and fine lines on your face. If you want to avoid all these, you should add Nivea Q+Anti Wrinkle Cleansing Milk. This amazing product will not only clean your delicate skin gently, it will also give off sufficient nourishment so that you may stop the signs of aging.

Nivea Refreshing 2 in 1 Express Milk and Toner. Nivea Refreshing 2 in 1 Express Milk and Toner is a product that may function in two ways. First, it can be a cleanser which may cleanse your clogged skin pores gently. Another, is that it may act as a toner which can minimize your open pores. This product may ward off any heavy layer of make-up left from your face. It will also give you the right amount of moisture so that your skin will not dry off.

Skin Care Q&A with NIVEA cleansing specialist Lauren Murphy

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