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Oral-B Pro 2 2500 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush

Oral-B Pro 2 2500 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush

Oral-B Pro 2 2500 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable Powered by Braun 1 Handle, 2 Modes Including Gum Care, 1 Toothbrush Head, Travel Case, 2-Pin UK Plug, Christmas...
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2nd Sep 2021
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3 Things To Know About The Oral B Pro 2 2500 N
  1. The soft bristles of the round toothbrush oscillate, pulsates, and rotates to clear your teeth of the sticky plaques. It helps you to reduce your brushing speed when you become too harsh on your teeth.
  2. The brush head is recommended by dentists all over the world. With the state of the art lithium-ion battery, you only need to recharge once for more than two weeks of use.
  3. The 16-degree angle allows you to clean easily between the depths of the teeth. It is compatible with all Oral B toothbrush heads like 3D white, floss action, precision clean, and others. It comes in multiple colors to choose from.

Features Of The Oral B Pro 2 2500 N:

The Oral B Pro 2 2500 N is provided with the state of the art lithium-ion batteries which is enough for brushing up to 2 weeks.

The roundhead of the toothbrush cleans more effectively in comparison to a normal brush. It comes with two modes for daily clean and gum care. It has a visible pressure sensor for stopping you if you are too harsh on your teeth.

The cross action toothbrush head and criss-cross bristles are at an angle of 16 degrees to provide you clean teeth.

Oral B Pro timer buzzes after every 30 seconds to direct you to brush the other quadrants of your teeth.

The Oral B Pro 2 2500 N provides floss-like clean teeth and healthy gums. The 3D cleaning action helps remove teeth plaque and to be germ-free.

You can always switch between the way you want to brush with two modes of daily clean and gum care. Daily clean mode helps in comprehensive everyday cleaning. The gum care mode, on the other hand, helps to gently stimulate gums.

Applying too much pressure is harmful to your oral hygiene. But with the pressure sensor alert, you need not worry about it.

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Specifications of The Oral B Pro 2 2500 N

Oral B Pro 2 2500 N is an advanced electric toothbrush. It comes with a lithium-ion battery which lasts for 2 weeks. The round brush contours to every teeth and gums for fresh oral health.

The toothbrush set consists of an electric toothbrush handle, a cross-action toothbrush head, and a UK pin charger. It has polishing cups to hold the toothpaste and gently whiten your teeth.

It has a built-in timer allowing you to brush for the minimum time recommended by dentists. Its active pressure controller helps keep a check on the pressure. It has ultra-thin bristles for extra gentle brushing and cleaning action.

What Makes This Oral B Pro 2 2500 N Stand Out From the Rest?

The Oral B Pro 2 2500 N stands out from the rest owing to its easy usage and maintenance. It creates a short shuttering sound after 30 seconds to remind you to brush another quadrant of your mouth.

A long shuttering sound after 2 minutes of brushing to recommend the end of the brushing session. It has an auto-reset timer, to keep a perfect track of your brushing.

It is easy to use, easy to clean, easy to store, compact, and travel-friendly. It has gum pressure control to remind you if you go above the gentle brushing routines.

Advantages of Using Oral B Pro 2 2500 N

Oral B Pro 2 2500 N with its bristle protection technology helps inhibit microbial growth for up to three months. The additional advantage is that it notifies you to brush all the corners of your mouth.

It also reminds you when to give a pause to your brushing session. Power lasts for 2 weeks after charging for a single time. So, you need not worry about charging it always.

It features Ultra-thin bristles, 16-degree bristle angle, and unique polishing cups to give you shiny teeth. They are designed to perfectly fit any standard Oral B toothbrush. It has a pressure controller to protect your gums while brushing.

The Oral B Pro 2 2500 N provides cleaner and whiter teeth with gum protection within a short span of 2 minutes. It allows you to brush for the maximum time as recommended by dentists.

End rounding of the brush makes the brushing movements gentle. The angled Bristles helps you to clean in between teeth. It has ultra-thin bristles for extra light and gentle cleaning.

Brush the interior, exterior and chewing surface of your gums and teeth with this toothbrush. Take proper care of your teeth and gums with this amazing electric brush from Oral-B.

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