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OXO Good Grips Y Peeler

OXO Good Grips Y Peeler

This tool has a straight all-purpose blade perfect for any peeling task Comfortable, Y-peeler shape is easy to manoeuvre and works with every grip Sharp, durable, stainless...Read moreAmazon deals
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22nd Mar
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The idea of developing a brand like this occurred to him when he saw his wife struggling in the kitchen. His wife Betsey was an arthritis patient and had trouble to grip those cooking tools.

Sam Farber said why not make these products comfortable to use. Following next OXO was born. The very first product introduced by them was the fifteen OXO signature Good Grips cooking/ kitchen tools. The iconic peeler is also included in this set.

One of all the other multiple important facts about this brand is they have raised the bar. Take for instance their very first Good Grips products, those products are ergonomically designed.

Every product of OXO is transgenerational in nature. Every unique invention of OXO flaunts great standards and top-notch in terms of performance. To this date, OXO has produced as many as 1000 different types of products.

The products are not just limited to kitchen and cooking but also explore immense diversity. Since the introduction of this brand, they have enjoyed great fame and popularity. OXO has also won multiple awards and good recognition.

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Things to Know About OXO

OXO invests optimally in research and development. All their products are the resultant of well-planned hacks and remedies. OXO digs deep in studying the unique demands for both the lefties and righties.

They have designed all their products similarly. Old or young, male or female OXO has procured a unique solution for all. This brand is constantly innovating and solely aims at consistent improvement. 

The craftsmen at OXO are both passionate and curious, they question whatever intrigues them. They aim to offer all their users with exceptional solutions that make everyday life a lot easier.

OXO features a diverse range of products that carry some unique features. Their range is complete and undoubtedly satisfactory. Individuals can benefit immensely from this brand.

Every product of OXO solely aims at improving one’s life. Improving their products and parallelly the lives of their customers are important for OXO. They feature three different brands.

Namely, they are OXO Good Grips, OXO tot, and OXO Steel. These three brands are uniquely different from each other. They offer efficient solutions for all types of everyday problems.

One of the most attractive features of this brand is, they consistently maintain their standard quality. Every product is made from top-notch material and carries a durable finish.

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Benefits of Using OXO Products

The brands under OXO offer some unique benefits to all its consumers. Under the OXO Good Grips brand, individuals can avail of products that carry the trait of non-slip.

They all feature comfortable handles and the design centers to make one’s kitchen life easier. Under the OXO tot brand, individuals can avail of thoughtful solutions with innovative features. This brand is exclusively designed for the kids.

These products will help them grow, get nurtured, and care both at home as well as when traveling. OXO Steel products flaunt a touch of sophistication. Elegant curves soft lines are the two main features of this brand.

They have a huge and varied collection of products. These products are exceptionally categorized under seven unique categories. They are cleaning, cooking & baking, preparing, beverage, storage, and organizational. The other categories comprise baby & toddler, refills & replacement.

Under the storage category, one can get countertops, home storage, and office storage solutions. The cleaning section comprises mops, dusters, sink wares, and fur lifters. The preparing category consists of peelers, colanders, bowls, jar openers, mashers, and others.

Multiple baking tools and stainless steel products are available in the cooking & baking category. The Baby & toddler has unique solutions for potty, drinking, and feeding solutions.

What Makes OXO Stand Out From the Rest

OXO carries some outstanding features. For starters, all their products look great. They present an ultramodern look. All the products carry some great features. OXO designs all its products in such a way so that they can make one’s life a lot easier. 

The most attractive feature they offer is easy to use and maintain. The products of OXO are multifunctional. Some of them even come boosted with features of advanced technology.

User-friendliness and easy to understand features is what keeps this brand consistently succeeding. The kitchen hacks are exclusive and so are the baby solutions.

This site offers its users some great advantages. They all aim to promote a good life and make life easier and simpler. No matter which OXO brand one opts for they all maintain a consistently high standard.

OXO products promote great comfort in terms of usage. They are even very convenient to use at the same time. The quality of their products and the features they offer have made OXO stand out from the rest.

The products that are available under this brand guarantee long-lasting longevity. Their team is creative and dedicated to what they produce.

The usefulness of this brand relies on how user-friendly their products are. OXO keeps innovating with time. They understand how busy the individuals of this generation are.

OXO designs and boosts their products with features in the same manner. The designs are finalized after a lot of thought given to it. Some of the most attractive features consist of non-slip, durability, and anti-scratch.

Their range of mops and mashers carry advanced features. They all are designed to make the everyday life of individuals a lot easier and improve one’s life too.                       

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