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Tower 6L Pressure Cooker

Tower 6L Pressure Cooker

Boasting a generous 6-litre cooking and 22-centimetres diameter this Tower stainless steel pressure cooker provides plenty of space for cooking delicious, healthy meals....
Robert Dyas deals
11th Jan
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PRESTIGE 4L Aluminium Pressure Cooker

PRESTIGE 4L Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Make quick and tasty meals in minutes with our aluminium pressure cooker. The 4L capacity makes it the ideal size for couples or small families. You'll save time and energy in the...
TJ Hughes deals
9th Jan
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Prestige 4L Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Prestige 4L Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Selling at Argos for £35 at the time of posting this deal. PRESTIGE 4L Aluminium Pressure Cooker Code: 3981559 Make quick and tasty meals in minutes with our aluminium pressure...
TJ Hughes deals
4th Dec 2021
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Efficient and Healthy
Get the best pressure cooker deals across the UK!

Long braising becomes easier with the help of pressure cooker. With this kitchenware, you can soften a meat or beef on a shorter period of time. It is not limited to that though. Any food that can be cooked in water-based or steamed can be cooked in it.

The system operates simply. It traps the steam from boiling the liquid in the vessel resulting in internal pressure. As that occurs, the temperature rises. In order to open it safely, you have to slowly release the steam off the vessel.

Little do people know that there are health benefits to pressure cooking. For one, it can reduce the toxins of food. This was based on a Korean study of aflatoxins. Thus, it can also decrease the aflatoxin concentrations of uncooked rice, for example.

If you intend to use a pressure cooker regularly, you have to learn its limitations. There are kinds of food not recommended for pressure cooking such as pasta, noodles, cranberries, oatmeal, and cereals.

There are different capacities for pressure cookers. They are ideal for large or small amounts, depending upon your need. The standard is 6 litres though. When you use it, you can fill it to almost ⅔ of its size.

How to Get Cheap Pressure Cooker Deals Online

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Get the best pressure cooker Tesco deals and pressure cooker Argos offers. Make the most of the bargains waiting for you, from quality electric pressure cooker to pressure cooker 6 litre at everyday low prices. Aside from this, here are the other online UK shops where you can get as much as 50% off on a wide selection of pressure cookers:

Make sure to grab the opportunity right away once you spot a deal that you fancy. Also, do not forget to bookmark this page so that you will not miss out on any great deals in the UK.

10 Best Pressure Cookers 2018

Finding the Right Pressure Cooker

Purpose. The first thing that may come to your mind when getting a pressure cooker is - why? As time goes by, it becomes inevitable to upgrade our kitchen. Thus, the generation today is in need of this innovation because it will make life easier. Do not worry because this is safe. This is also an advanced option that is only focused on your convenience.

What else can a pressure cooker do for you and your home?

  • Saves money and time. Having a pressure cooker means cutting down time in cooking. This is the fastest way to prepare healthy and delicious meals saving you time as well as energy consumption.
  • Serves healthier food. When you pressure cook, you are unlikely to require water which retains your food’s minerals and vitamins. Aside from this, no air means prevention of oxidation in the nutrients of food.
  • Achieves flavourful meals. Dishes are tastier when cooked in a tightly sealed cookware. The process prevents the loss of moisture and flavour because of evaporation retaining food’s natural flavours.
  • Kills microorganisms. As compared to cooking in an oven or a stove top, a pressure cooker retains its heat in the pot. This is why your food stays safe because it kills harmful microorganisms.
  • Spares space. A pressure cooker is a versatile piece of kitchen item. It can work as a pot or pan. You can use it to prepare a three-course meal, appetizers, and even desserts.

Electric Pressure Cooker VS Stove Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooker comes in two types: electric pressure cooker or a stove top pressure cooker. These are ideal in the preparation of food for just a short period of time. The similarity is that they both use pressured heat. However, you should not forget their big differences.

  • Electric Pressure Cooker. An electric pressure cooker can cook on its own. It has integrated a heating component inside it. The best feature of this is its digital timing technology. This shows that whenever you have a digital timer, you can cook from start to finish without worrying about the process. It will autoregulate its pressure and heat. You will not need to manually adjust. That is an advantage.
  • Stove Top Pressure Cooker. As the name suggests, this has a manual heat regulation. Thus, it is crucial in searing. The good point of having this is that it cooks fast. You can always do the quick cold water release method anyway. That would stop the pressure cooking. It is not that hard to operate, as many other people would think it is.
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