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Wooden Owl Jigsaw Puzzle

Wooden Owl Jigsaw Puzzle

Apply £2 Voucher to bring the price down to £13.49 Size Name: A4-140Pcs High Quality Jigsaw Puzzle: Our Wooden Puzzle is made from durable Basswood. With excellent levels...Read moreAmazon deals
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4th Apr
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London 3D Puzzle

London 3D Puzzle

London 3D Puzzle That feeling of completing a puzzle is so satisfying so what could make it feel even better? Having your puzzle pop out at you as a 3D masterpiece, that's what!...Read moreAldi deals
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23rd Mar
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Puzzles, most especially jigsaw puzzles, have existed for almost two centuries now, thrilling and entertaining, not just kids but also adults from various generations. This has remained the same up to the present day, which leads to the big question – what makes puzzles enthralling to the mind?

Apart from the mental benefits which can strengthen and test yourself as you put differing pieces together, puzzles are originally intended to be educational in nature. Way back in the year 1760, John Spilsbury built a wooden puzzle to teach children about geography. It succeeded and grew as technology enabled the mass reproduction of this mind-boggling game.

The appeal of jigsaw lies to its simplicity. Meaning, you can just pick up a piece and start working without having a hard time at all. The number of pieces and the color gradation is the challenging part when you play. However, the human mind has an innate ability to put pieces of information together, and that is why completing puzzles are intrinsic to us.

Indeed, puzzles are not only a past time. They can be educational too for they provide mental fun for people of different ages. Today, owning one can be easy. You can begin looking through the internet.

Where Can I Find Cheap Puzzle UK deals?

Are you looking for the best puzzle deals? Do you want the best deal for Fill & Spill playsets for babies? How about budget-friendly cartoon-inspired puzzles, puzzle board books, Christmas jigsaw puzzles, puzzle playmats, collector’s puzzles for adults or puzzle mobile games? The search is over because there are affordable offers you can enjoy here at Latest Deals. The discount codes, special offers, and voucher codes we have here will bring you the puzzle you want without spending a fortune.

We have a team of money-saving experts and a community of bargain hunters who regularly share verified deals from top UK retailers such as Amazon, Debenhams, Gearbest, Grainger Games, Home Bargains, Tesco & more.

Websites to Get the Best Cheap Puzzle

Puzzles may serve as a game, toy or problem that can test your knowledge. If you are searching for jigsaw puzzles UK online, here is a list of retailers you can check:

  • Amazon. If you are in search of cheap jigsaw puzzles, Amazon is one of the most reliable shops for you. It features Jigsaws & Puzzles Shop where you will stumble upon great prices on a wide array of different puzzles & jigsaws for kids of all ages. Whether you intend to play alone or do it for you, you will find the best piece for you. Use Amazon puzzle discount codes from Latest Deals and save money from your purchase.
  • Debenhams. From Disney Princess, Hacche, Hasbro, Hasbro Gaming, John Adams, Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Wild & Wolf puzzles, Debenhams got it all covered. Enjoy an exciting range of games and puzzles which cover your childhood favourites to the trendiest releases where you can get as much as 20% off on select puzzles as well as free delivery.
  • GearBest. Education is important for GearBest. If you share the same view, check out this retailer and discover its educational puzzles which are best for practicing the cognitive abilities of your kids. GearBest is also known for its wide array of selection on electronics and technology and offers free international delivery.
  • Tesco. Shopping for less is the principle of Tesco. If you want 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles for adults, 3D puzzles, kids’ puzzles and pre-school puzzles, this shop is the place to be. Aside from its broad selection, buying jigsaw puzzles Direct should not be expensive with Tesco coupons, promo codes and discount codes from Latest Deals.
  • Zavvi. For affordable board games and puzzles, Zavvi is the store to visit. You can get word puzzles which can be like jigsaws for adults without having a hard time looking. If you shop for over £50, you can get at least £5 off from your purchases. They also have a 10% off promo on select puzzles.

Aside from the given retailers, you can also consider jigsaw puzzles eBay for more options to pick from.

10 best jigsaw puzzles

Puzzled Buyers’ Guide: Types of Puzzles

For some, puzzles are considered to be a kind of enigma that tests the ingenuity of players. For others, they are toys with pieces meant to be placed together in a logical manner to come up with a solution, shape or picture. Regardless, one thing is for sure – puzzles do not seem to go out of style even in the advent of computer games.

Little do people know though that there is a massive type of puzzles. While some are well-known, others are underrated. Hence, here are some of the categories puzzle-lovers should discover:

  • Jigsaw Puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles are the most well-known kind of puzzle. They require players to assemble numerous pieces together – which are all part of the bigger picture. Once the pieces are done and complete, the jigsaw puzzle will form the bigger picture. Today, there are two to three-dimensional types, and just recently, online puzzles became a trend too.
  • Word Puzzles. Word puzzles are synonymous to Anagrams and Crosswords. There are white squares that have to be filled with letters forming words. In order to arrive at the preferred word, there are questions with clues that have to be answered. On the other hand, the black squares intend to put a space on the words or phrases. This is another kind of puzzles which are most appropriate for adults.
  • Combination of Puzzles. Combination Puzzles are dubbed as mechanical puzzles which are made of a variety of pieces that have to be controlled by a group who manipulates. One good example of this is the original Rubik’s Cube. Another is the Tangram puzzle. In all of these, the aim is to combine a specific shape with all the seven pieces together.
  • Logic Puzzles. Logic puzzles are the combination of the different types of puzzle. In totality, this kind is math-based, which is what Sudoku is all about. Aside from Sudoku, there are also other forms of logic-based number placement puzzles such as Kakuro, Nanograms, The Tower of Hanoi and the Impossible Puzzle.
  • Tiling Puzzles. Tiling puzzles are two-dimensional in nature. They pack problems where there is a number of flat shapes which need to be assembled so that a bigger shape is achieved without any overlapping. There are tiling puzzles that have to be dissected first, then rearranged into another shape while certain conditions are fulfilled. The other types of tiling puzzles are Domino tiling, Conway puzzle, and the Puzz-3D.
  • Transport Puzzles. Transport puzzles are one in which the player has to push boxes to realise the objective of the game. The Sokoban puzzle is the well-liked representative of this kind. There are also other types including the sliding puzzles and the cube puzzles.
  • Sliding Puzzles. Sliding Puzzles are played by lifting a piece without lifting it from the board. Most people are surely familiar with N-puzzle, which is also called the Fifteen puzzle. This is when the flat pieces are slid along the board to form an end-configuration.
  • Picture Puzzles. Picture Puzzles are not new to many. They work best for children, most especially the Spot the Difference and the Connect-the-Dots. These are two versions of a certain picture which is shown side by side. After which, the difference has to be pointed out.
Best Mobile Puzzle Games for IOS and Android
  • Monument Valley
  • Triple Town (Free)
  • Threes
  • The Room Two
  • Framed
  • Lara Croft Go
  • Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon
  • Dots: A Game About Connecting

The Benefits of Puzzle to the Brain

Puzzles are not only games. They are educational and beneficial too. It does not matter whether you are an adult already, forming one, and making it a habit can be good for your brain. Here are the reasons why:

  • Puzzles can exercise the parts of your brain – both right and left hemispheres.
  • Puzzles can enhance your memory by reinforcing connections between brain cells.
  • Puzzles can accelerate ingenuity that leads to imagination and creativity.
  • Puzzles can support your whole thought process which helps in making you the best problem-solver.
  • Puzzles can boost the production of dopamine responsible for the increase in confidence, optimism and more.
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