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What is Quantum Dot technology and QLED TV?

Quantum dot is what makes a QLED TV different from the rest. Quantum dots are ultra-fine semiconductor materials of nanoscale size. These dots are what generates a variety of colours of light depending on the size of the particle. So the larger the size, the more the colour will be. On the other hand, the smaller these particles are, the bluer the colour will turn out.

Moreover, they can emit precise coloured light since the sizes of the particle can adjust at quantum-level velocities. As a result, light emissions are more accurate and efficient. That also means that your QLED TV will have greater efficiency in luminance, bringing about significant change in its overall picture quality.


The display screen of QLED TV is a lot brighter in comparison to other types of TV screens.

What makes QLED TVs stand out from the rest?

Quantum dots come with a lot of unique characteristics, including high luminance that QLED TVs are benefitting from. Luminance refers to how bright a TV screen looks. That brightness is a crucial element that affects other factors of image quality.

Meanwhile, HDR or high dynamic range is a vital component of picture quality. It is when the bright and dark representations of videos and images can be expressed widely. Quantum dot technology enhances this further by providing crisp and rich images.

The effect of brightness on overall colour quality is petty simple. For instance, there is a range of bright and dark reds in the red colour spectrum. However, QLED TV expresses this range of colours better. Hence, this unique QLED technology along with other black implementation technologies like Direct Full Array, presents an entirely different picture quality. Additionally, it offers a more realistic viewing experience compared to non-QLED TVs.

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