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Quaker Oat so Simple Original Porridge Pot 45G

Quaker Oat so Simple Original Porridge Pot 45G

Offer valid for delivery until 23/01/2022 - Made with 100% wholegrain oats - All the delicious flavour you know and love in one convenient breakfast-sized pot - Simply add hot...
Tesco deals
13th Jan
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Quaker Oats so Simple Original 8 Pack

Quaker Oats so Simple Original 8 Pack

Quaker Oats So Simple Original 8 Pack You can currently get a box of Quaker Oats for £1.00 100% whole grain Natural flavours Helps lower Cholesterol 216g 8 Pack...
Poundshop deals
30th Aug 2021
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Cheap Quaker Porridge Oats 1Kg - Only £1.75!

Cheap Quaker Porridge Oats 1Kg - Only £1.75!

You can get this Quaker Porridge Oats 1Kg at a great price of £1.75. Enjoy as part of a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Oat beta-glucan has been shown to lower...
Tesco deals
30th Jun 2021
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Quaker oats are rich in nutrients. It can fuel the consumer's body with high nourishment. In the year 2017, Quaker oats completed their 150 years. They have invested a lot in industry-leading technology, science, and talent to produce.

The consumers of Quaker can only benefit from the goodness of their oats products. This trademark breakfast cereal brand makes the finest darn oatmeal every morning.

Quaker is eminent for the use of its super grain. They believe that their whole grain offers a good amount of fibers, minerals, and vitamins. It can boost the user’s body with a lot of nutrition and energy. 

You can purchase Quaker products cheaply at Waitrose, Tesco, Asda, and other reputable UK sellers.

Things to Know About Quaker

Quaker Oats uses whole grains that contain all the features of the grain kernel. Namely, they are the germ, endosperm, bran, and hull. The germ is rich in Vitamin B and monounsaturated fats. The endosperm contains carbohydrates for energy. It is also the largest part of the whole grain.

Bran is the coarse outer layer of the grain kernel. It carries the trait of three layers and is wholly edible. The hull however is inedible. It is removed during the procedure of milling. The Hull is used for burning in the University of Iowa.

This brand breeds their produce on their own. The breeding process is done in their Quaker International Oats Nursery. This nursery was made in 1974. Here, the integrity of their seeds is ensured and the quality is taken care of.

When it comes to growing, 400 oats formers are committed to growing the finest. Quakers have a lab of their own where everything is tested and retested. This guarantees that all their oats meet their standard of excellence. 

Quaker does its milling in the world's biggest milling facility in Cedar Rapid. On a regular basis, they process approximately 2 million pounds of oats. Quaker solely focuses and excels at making gluten-free oats.

Our team of awesome bargain hunters has selected the latest Quaker special offers and deals from the Latest Deals.

Benefits of Eating Quaker

This renowned consumer brand is famous for its agricultural integrity & the highest quality. Quaker oats offer impressive benefits to its customers. For instance, they guarantee that all their products are uniquely distinctive. They are different in texture and in its cooking time.

They all carry a toasted nutty Quaker flavor. Every Quaker oat has been cut differently. They have done it to distinguish their unique taste and texture. The old fashioned oats can be cooked within 5 mins and they are 100% rolled.

Quaker Quick oats can be microwaved or cooked on the stovetop in less than 2 mins. Quaker Instant carries a finer cut look. The Steel Cut Quaker oats range boasts of a rich nutty taste and features a hearty texture. 

They have produced a wide variety of products. In their oats & oatmeal range, one can get 8 varieties. It includes old fashioned, quick, instant, steel-cut, real medleys, gluten-free, and organic.

It also has Hot Oat Bran and instant oatmeal cups. Quaker Breakfast Cereals feature 7 varieties. They are Life Cereals, Oatmeal Squares, Simply Granola, and Real Medleys. They also have Multigrain Flakes, Muesli, and other cereals. Quaker also has a snacks section filled with 5 types of snacks.

They are Baked Flats, Baked Squares, and Chewy Granola Bars. They also have Quaker Oats Cookies,  Quaker Kids Organic, and Biscuits. They also have rice snacks, overnight oats, grits, Barley, Cornmeal & other mixes.

What Makes Quaker Stand Out From the Rest

Quaker Oats offers its consumers with some outstanding features. This is a brand that is constantly improving and modernizing with time. Quaker oats understand what the current generation demands.

They offer their users with products that boast to fulfill their needs and demands. Whatever new product they come up with, it carries Quaker's excellent standard. They are rich in health beneficial nutrients like vitamins and minerals.

Quaker Oats even offer their consumers with mind-blowing nourishment and energy. Quaker oats excel at being the finest breakfast cereal to fuel one's system all day.

All their products are rich in fiber and boosted with great nutritional qualities. Quaker lives by the notion that their customers cannot afford to miss breakfast. Hence, they have produced a wide variety of oats products.

Quaker has an exclusive range of nutritional snacks and main courses. Their range of various oats can be cooked individually in the form of breakfast cereals.

These oats can also be used for making other mouth-watering recipes. If someone cannot cook they can simply microwave them. Others can cook them on the stovetop.  

Quaker oats carry the trait of good usefulness. Their oats can be cooked in a matter of 5 mins max. They can be availed in different flavors. Such as maple, brown sugar, banana nut, fruity, creamy, cinnamon, apple, butter, and others.

They have products that can be consumed as hot cereals, cold cereals, snacks, and rice snacks. With the use of Quaker oats, one can also make chef-inspired recipes. Some of them include oat smoothie recipes, dessert recipes, breakfast recipes, and others.

One can also indulge in baking delicious items with the use of Quaker Oats. The users can make gluten-free oats cookies, muffins, yeast bread, biscuits & bakery products.

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