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Wilko 1.8L Rice Cooker

Wilko 1.8L Rice Cooker

For perfect results every single time look no further than our Wilko 1.8 Litre Rice Cooker! It's big enough for the whole family, and with its handy steamer basket, it's also...Read moreWilko deals
17th Apr
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Yumenishiki Rice

Yumenishiki Rice

Great Japanese cooking requires great Japanese rice and this 5kg bag of Yumenishiki is more than ready for the challenge. Cultivated in Italy, this rice is a new variety of...Read morejapancentre deals
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7th Apr
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Find out the where to get the cheapest rice deals across the UK here at Latest Deals!

Rice is slowly becoming popular in the UK. With all of the different kinds of rice and innovative flavors, it’s easy to find yourself addicted to it in no time. Aside from pasta, rice is also now favored to be a British meal.

Rice plays as a staple food for the majority of the world’s population. Cooking rice does not necessarily end in the rice cooker. Since Brits are fond of experimenting and creating various dishes on a certain food base, rice cakes, rice crackers, and other rice snacks are gaining popularity in the UK market.

If you’re looking for the best rice deals online and want to save some money off on your groceries, Latest Deals got you covered. Our group of savvy bargain hunters are always up to date with the latest deals and money-saving offers on different rice products including Basmati rice, long grain, brown & wild rice, and more. Know the upcoming clearance and seasonal sales from various UK retailers you can take part of. Take advantage of the voucher codes, coupon codes, and discount codes you can use on your rice deal from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Amazon, ASDA, and more.

Enjoy various offers on rice treats and rice meals online with the help of the compiled discounted offers here at Latest Deals. Don’t forget to visit us daily to stay updated on the best money saving offers.

Tom’s tip: If you are diabetic, adopting a rice diet is not recommended (no matter what type of rice it is).

Why is Rice Good for You?

From wild rice, brown rice, all the way to white rice –we’ll break down the benefits you can get from these rice variants respectively.

  • White rice is rich in iron, folic acid, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, selenium and niacin.
  • Brown rice, on the other hand, is considered one of the healthier rice choices compared to white rice. It is a good source of fiber. In fact, it has 400% more fiber compared to white rice making it a good blood sugar level stabiliser. So if you are wanting to load up on carbs and protein, brown rice is anideal choice.
  • Wild rice. This, our dear bargain hunters, is the healthiest rice choice and has the most nutrients of them all. This is a good source of vitamin A, which helps us with the formation and maintenance of bones, soft tissue, immune system, mucus membranes, and white blood. This also concludes that wild rice is a good antioxidant, too!

Tom’s tip: If you are looking for a type of rice perfect for paella, stews, and chili, short-grain white rice works best.

Favorite Rice Snacks in the UK

Rice snacks sale, Tesco

Who said you need a rice cooker to enjoy rice? Various brands have brainstormed their way in creating the best tasting rice snacks that the UK will love (and sometimes, get addicted to). Here are some of the popular rice snacks circulating in the UK market today:

  • Snack a Jacks Salt & Vinegar
  • Sunwave Japanese Style Mochi
  • Just Ingredients Japanese Rice Crackers
  • Cofresh Chakri Rice Sticks
  • Kallo Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar Rice Cakes
  • Itsu Milk Chocolate Rice
  • Fresh & Wild Korean Style Chili Rice Crackers
  • Marmite Rice Cakes
  • Biona Organic Rice Cakes
  • Gluten Free Crunchy Chilli Rice Snacks by The Foodie Market
  • Organix Finger Food Apple Rice Cakes
  • Rice Crackers by Nature Addicts

The list just goes on and on, which only proves that rice can be enjoyed in different forms from matcha flavored mochis to spicy rice crackers, your tastebuds will surely be surprised with these various flavors that revolve around rice.

Of course, Kellog’s Rice Krispies won’t be forgotten –ever. This is considered to be the go-to rice snack of Brits and people across the globe. You can play around with your own recipes on rice krispies and create chocolate rice crispy treats, peanut butter rice crispy treats, and more. This breakfast cereal made of crisped rice was released in 1928, and instantly became a hit since then. Thank you, Kellogs’!

👍 Best Budget Rice Cookers Under £30

Cheap rice cooker sale, Argos

If you do not eat rice on a regular basis then there is really no need to spend too much on a single rice cooker. This also goes with avid rice eaters –why spend more on a unit if you can get a good bargain that does not compromise on quality, features and performance? Sure, it’s pretty awesome to own top of the line Tefal rice cookers, too, but the point is if you are on a tight budget, there’s no need squeeze your pockets just to afford a decent unit. Here are some of the best budget rice cookers that do not go over £20.

☑️VonShef Personal Rice Cooker, Tesco. This rice cooker is easy to operate with its simple on/off power switch. It was manufactured to cook rice at the right temperature and time to deliver the superior results. It features non-stick removable inner pot, and a reliable keep warm function.

☑️Cookworks Rice Cooker, Argos. This rice cooker comes with a measuring cup and spoon to make rice preparation even much easier for you. It has a capacity of 8 cups or equivalent to 1.5 litres and features a removable crockpot & toughened glass lid.

☑️Russell Hobbs Rice Cooker and Steamer, Amazon. Aside from cooking rice as its primary function, this rice cooker made of stainless steel can also double up as a steamer. This unit includes a removable tray for steaming meat or veggies. This elegant rice cooker is easy to clean, and comes with a spatula and measuring cup for an accurate rice - water ratio.

☑️VonShef Rice Cooker and Steamer, Ebay. This rice cooker has a capacity of 1.8L perfect for rice preparation for the entire family. Just like the previous model mentioned earlier, this can also double up as a steamer, making it worth every penny you put in to it.

Top Rice Varieties in the UK

Different rice varities including Basmati rice offers at ASDA

Taking all of those mentioned into consideration, it is not surprising that Brits start to take a step forward in making rice a part of their day-to-day meals. Here are the most common go-to rice types Brits tend to pick up during groceries online and in store.

  • Jasmine
  • Microwave Rice
  • Risotto
  • Brown & Wholegrain
  • Wild Rice

Stock up on rice with Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Amazon, ASDA’s rice range.

The secret benefits of rice you need to know

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