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Cheap Roku Media Box and Streamer

The latest Roku deals, discounts and voucher codes

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There are many media streamers in the market today, but only a few offer a range of extensive channels and apps as Roku. Tech giants like Apple, Google and Amazon all have their own convincing devices, but Roku remains the choice as an overall streaming option. It has more apps compared to its competitors, around 1,200, and it includes favourites like HBO Go, Amazon Instant, Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, Hulu Plus and so much more. The company has been producing online streaming boxer for some time now which includes 2 NowTV boxes, as Sky owns some share of the firm.

The streaming device has a very simple interface and it comes with a universal search that can go through all major services in order to find the available content that you want. And it’s actually an advantage at times, that Roku is not owned by one of these tech giants, as the company does not have any incentives to favor for its own media services over others.

Roku products in the UK has been trimmed down to just a couple of players, making it easier for anyone to choose the one that best suits their need and budget. Also, different price ranges are catered for, with numerous features either added or cut back, so it’s always ideal to be aware of the options available before purchasing.

So which Roku is for you and which one best suits your budget? Our simple guide will help you with this plus we also have cheap Roku box sale, Roku 3 and Roku 4 sale and deals information from UK retailers like Asda, Amazon, Argos, Tesco, eBay and more. Find out Roku 3 best price in the UK and where to get cheap Roku box.

Roku OS

Before looking at the individual Roku boxes, it’s worth knowing how they work. Roku players all run using the Roku operating system, which is a user interface designed to make searching for content as easy as possible.

Features include the following:

  • Roku search: This allows users to search by actor, director or movie title and search returned will be based on your terms. It will also show those that you can watch for free as well as those that need subscription for and what you buy or rent.
  • Roku fee: This will show users’ films currently out in the cinema and you can set reminders so it’ll inform you when those films are available to watch on the channels in Roku.

In addition, you can also open videos on various channels such as YouTube and Netflix, on your smartphones and cast across to the Roku player just like with Chromecast.

Which Roku should I buy?

Roku in the UK


☑️ Roku Express: Affordable with great features

  • Features Up to 1080p, point anywhere remote, Wi-Fi and HDMI.
  • Comes with a wide array of video apps.
  • A small device that you can plug into your TV using an HDMI cable.
  • It also comes with a chunky remote control with quick access buttons for Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Sling TV and Radio.

Cons: It only supports full HD and not 4K.

☑️ Roku streaming stick: packed with value but a bit slow

  • Its price and size are the things to keep in mind when considering the Roku Streaming Stick.
  • You’ll get a lot of value from its price compared to its competitor.
  • It manages to pack in the full Roku experience into this compact device and works with any TV that has an HDMI port.
  • 4K HDR capable.
  • Remote works through WiFi Direct.

Cons: It can be really slow when booting up Netflix and YouTube and remote does not work with traditional IR-based remotes. Also, every time you use your TV’s USB port, you need to completely boot-up each time you turn your TV on.

Other Roku models


☑️ Roku 4: Leading the pack with 4K playback

  • Hands down one of the best video streaming device your money can afford if you have a 4K TV.
  • It offers more options compared to rivals.
  • The fastest Roku with a quad-core processor to boast for 4K streaming.
  • Search will display and show cheapest options for movies first.
  • Remote is almost the same as the remote of Roku 3, with the colour of the A and B buttons being the big difference and it does not have the purple wrist-wrap. But it does have quick access buttons for Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Sling TV and Radio.

Cons: It sill pushes M-Go and has audible noise and heat.

☑️ Roku 3: The best choice overall

  • The company’s flagship model released in 2013.
  • Loads apps faster compared to other Roku boxes and navigating menus is effortless.
  • It comes with the latest versions of YouTube and Netfliz apps and you can directly cast from these apps on your smartphones.
  • Its remote has a built-in headphone jack and USB port for playing music, videos and photos as well as installing apps.
  • Features motion control and gaming capabilities.

Cons: The biggest drawback is its price as most entry-level boxes can provide with most of the benefits it can offer at half the price. But still, if you’re a heavy streamer, it’s worth paying extra.

Setting up your Roku box

  • Choose which audio/video connection you want to use. You can use either HDMI or composite.
  • Determine the type of networking you will use. Wireless works on all models.
  • Connect to your TV.
  • Connect to your network.
  • Turn your Roku box on and get started.
  • Complete the setup by following the on-screen menu.
  • Link your Roku box to your Roku online account.
ImageSetting up your Roku Streaming Stick
  • Connect Roku Streaming Stick to an open HDMI port on your TV,
  • Connect the USB cable included into the power adapter or TV.
  • Connect to your TV.
  • Connect to your network.
  • Complete the setup by following the on-screen menu.
  • Link your Roku stick to your Roku online account.

Cheap Roku Box and Roku Streaming Stick UK deals

Amazon is a great place to look for cheap Roku Box deals. The online retailer has every model you are looking for, from Roku 1 to Roku 4 and Roku Streaming Stick. Plus if you’re after Roku 3 deals, you’ll be able to compare prices here to get Roku 3 best price in the UK. Here are the best Roku deals in Amazon at the time of this writing:

  • Roku Express - £29
  • Roku Streaming Stick – 48.88
  • Roku 4 - £170.30
  • Roku 3 - £147
  • Roku 2 - £64.72
  • Roku 1 - £29.99

In addition, if you’re an Amazon Prime member you’ll get exclusive deals and discounts as well as eligible for free delivery.


Roku cheap deals in Amazon

Other big UK retailer Roku deals are as follows:

  • Currys offers the Roku Express for £29.99 while the Roku Streaming Stick 4K Smart TV Stick is priced at £79.99, both with free and fast delivery.
  • Tesco has Roku 3 on sale, slashing £20 off of its original price bringing it down to just £49. You can get Roku Express for only £29 and Roku 4K Stick for just £79, saving you 99p compared to other retailers.
  • Asda only has the Roku Express Streaming player for £30.
  • Argos has the same price as Currys when it comes to the Roku Express but their Roku stick is a tad bit higher at £30.99
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