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Rubicon Mango

Rubicon Mango

Rubicon Sparkling Bursting with flavour to feed your curiosity and quench that thirst. - Made with the finest handpicked Alphonso mangoes for a sweet distinctive delicious taste....Read moreAmazon deals
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5th Feb
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In their wide variety, one can avail of drinks of two different ranges. These include in the form of stills as well as sparkling drinks. This brand was introduced in the year 1982. The eminent personalities who invented it were Vish Vekaria and Naresh Nagrecha.

The name of their first soft drink is called Passionade. Even today this drink is exclusively available in almost every store.

One important fact is that the developers were ex-employees of the Coca-cola company. Rubicon is solely focused on creating diverse and differentiated soft drinks. 

The very first drink of Rubicon was developed in an unpredictable way. It happened while two men were having fun in the kitchen. Today this brand stands to be one of the most popular soft drinks brands. 

Most of their customers refer to it as the exotic soft drinks brand. Together with authenticity and technology, Rubicon creates the finest of soft drinks. The flavors are distinctive. Something that one would not find in their regular fruit bowl. 

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Things to Know About Rubicon

At times individuals get bored with the regular soft drinks, that is where Rubicon stands out. Rubicon drinks are available in two different forms sparkling and still drinks. In fact, the very first drink that was made by the two founders in the kitchen was a sparkler.

The drink was exceptionally known as the passionate fruit sparkling drink. This brand constantly keeps coming up with new flavors, variations, and new forms. Their latest addition was made in 2018.

They introduced their street drinks range. This range is available in 4 exotic flavors that enable the user to taste the flavors of the world.

This brand features not one or two but 4 exotic fruit flavors. These flavors are enough to make other exotic drinks. One can simply add these drinks to create mouth-watering cocktails and mocktails.

In the classic range, the soursop and the pomegranate flavors are a new addition. They have selected and modified each flavor for it to taste exotic and fulfilling. This is an eco-friendly brand.

Together with producing great drinks, they have also cared for the environment. The packaging of the juices and soft drinks are environment-friendly. They are recyclable.  

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Benefits of Drinking Rubicon Products

Rubicon prides itself on making their drinks from the finest and highest ingredients. Each drink tastes exceptional. They have been created from 100% natural products.

This adds to the exotic taste of each drink and how pure they feel on one’s taste buds. Rubicon drinks are good for one’s health. They have got a separate range for individuals who are health conscious.

This is the no sugar added range. When it comes to kids they have created a separate range that suits the wants of every kid. The other ranges feature a very minimal level of sugar content.

Rubicon has procured 5 exotic ranges of Juice Drinks. These include the classic range and the no sugar added range. The other ranges include a sparkling range, kids range, and sun exotic range.

The classic range comprises 4 flavors. These include guava, lychee, passion fruit, and mango. The no sugar added range comprises of the same 4 flavors but has zero levels of sugar in them.

The sparkling range also features the same exotic flavors. They are available in pop colored tin cans. The Kid’s range is available in the 4 basic flavors.

However, the packaging is available in juice boxes and comes with a straw. The sun exotic range is exemplary. The flavors featured in this range are namely, tropical fruit and pineapple coconut.

What Makes Rubicon Stand Out From the Rest

This eminent brand is boosted with some outstanding features. To begin with, their collection is enormous. They have experienced well with a good number of exotic fruits and flavors.

This soft drinks brand has successfully and consistently maintained its quality. If someone is looking for instant refreshment then Rubicon is an absolute choice.

From the very first sip, one can feel an outburst of freshness. The taste is extremely pure. One can actually feel each and every flavor distinctively.

Rubicon offers its customers with some great advantages. If someone is concerned about their weight and loves soft drinks, then Rubicon it is. Their drinks carry a very low amount of calorie count.

It mainly ranges from 5 to 15 calories or even less. These soft drinks not only taste good but have been infused with good nutritional values. Every drink carries a good amount of proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Rubicon drinks are safe to be consumed on a daily basis.

These drinks are good for one’s health. The sugar content in these drinks is comparatively very less. Hence, it can also be consumed by individuals having medical conditions.

Rubicon is a brand that exclusively understands the demands of the current generation. They have created this enormous range of soft drinks keeping in mind the demands.

This brand is constantly innovating and introducing new flavors from time to time. They have made their soft drinks available in a variety of forms. From travel-friendly packs to juice boxes, bottles, and tins, all are available.

Consumers can enjoy these drinks all throughout the year. These drinks can be consumed both in cool and hot temperatures. One will not face any problem while storing them as well.

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