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Things to Know about Samsung Galaxy Watch

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm has a circular display. Members of Latest Deals say the best part of this watch is the health and fitness tracking. It monitors your health in great detail including exercise time, heart rate, and calories.

The distance you cover and your movement, your sleep quality and even your stress level also can be monitored through this unique device. The lengthy battery life lasts for around 80 hours with bluetooth mode on.

This touch screen smartwatch also runs for 24 hours with GPS mode on. On a single charge you can manage your calls, messages and more. You can also listen to music all the day through its full blown music player and storage.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch is Customisable

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is made up with authenticate and timeless design. It maintains its traditional look by the interchangeable straps with different amazing colours.

The customisable watch face also brings an elegant look to it. The Gorilla Glass DX+ resists the watch from getting any scratch. Its water-resistance feature of up to 50m allows you to swim without taking it off.

This watch is built-in with GPS and health tracking features as well. The most incredible feature is you can manage your daily schedule just by setting it up on My Day Watch Face.

It will help you to remember your important appointments. It also features a rotating bezel UI and touch screen to make a smooth interaction with its user.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm is not only a fashionable watch but also a travel buddy with lots of benefits. You just have to connect the smartwatch with your Android or IOS device to get the amazing features.

It also works as a proficient fitness tracker. You can count your steps, distances, heart rates, calories burns even when you are sleeping. The battery life made this smartwatch more special.

You can listen to music, manage frequent calls and messages for a long time. In one sentence it can be a substitute for your smartphone.

You can also manage your social media notifications through the watch. The top scratch-proof and waterproof quality is perfectly made for swimmers.

Specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm

The dual user-interactive tough Samsung Galaxy 46mm is all about the battery life. This big smartphone carries a larger battery of 472 mAh. Once it is charged fully you can run it for a very long time even with a rough usage.

The smartwatch runs with the operating system Tizen Based Wearable OS 4.0. Its wireless bluetooth system supports both the Android and IOS devices.

The package includes the smartwatch and a charging dock. Along with these, a travel adapter, strap and quick setting guide are also provided. This watch is available only in one colour, silver.

What Makes the Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Stand Out from the Rest?

The 46mm Galaxy Watch is a successor to the Gear S3 frontier. The multiple features enable you to do anything you want.

The massive battery shows an impressive longevity. Thus, it allows you to multi-day use after just one full charge. The display has added a little more look than the previous version.

The touch-screen smartwatch is also capable of daily fitness and activity tracking. It also has an optional facility for LTE connection. The 46mm with the thickness of 13mm is preferably suitable for larger wrist people.

The AMOLED display feature makes the watch stand out from the rest. Whether it's day or night does not matter, you can always see the time.

This Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm is easy to wear for its lightweight. The precious advantage of this smartwatch is battery life. You can connect this smartwatch via bluetooth on Android or IOS devices.

You can manage your frequent phone calls, messages, social media notification and more via this watch. It has an onboard storage to store your favourite music as well.

The dustproof and waterproof feature makes the watch more sustainable even with rough use. The watch also works as a fitness trainer. You can monitor your every step of walking or running, heartbeat, calories and many more.

What Makes Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Useful?

The most useful feature of the Galaxy Watch 46mm is its long-lasting battery. Apart from this, it has a dual operation feature. One is the rotating bezel and another one is a touchscreen.

The vintage texture body of this smartwatch concludes gorilla glass DX+ which makes it scratch resistance. This circular designed classy smartwatch is also featured with a great water resistance.

Along with tracking your health it also tracks your sleep quality and stress level at night. The optional LTE features allow you to listen to music just by connecting the wireless. You just have to stream the music online once.

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