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SEGA Mega Drive Mini

SEGA Mega Drive Mini

It’s a miniaturised version of the iconic 16-bit ‘90s console and comes pre-loaded with 40 legendary games ready to be relived. From all-time classics like Sonic the Hedgehog 1 &...Read moreVery deals
23rd Oct 2020
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SEGA Mega Drive Mini

SEGA Mega Drive Mini

Relive the glory days of the 16-bit era with the Sega Mega Drive Mini. A replica of the classic Sega Mega Drive console from the 90s it includes 42 legendary games such as Sonic...Read moreCurrys deals
22nd Oct 2020
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SEGA Mega Drive Mini

SEGA Mega Drive Mini

SEGA Mega Drive Mini £51.79 WITH PRIME checked this - everyone else £69.99 had great fun on this many moons back Miniature SEGA Mega Drive replica includes 40 legendary games...Read moreAmazon deals
12th Sep 2020
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Xbox One SEGA MegaDrive Classics

Xbox One SEGA MegaDrive Classics

Enjoy A Feast Of Old-School Gaming With SEGA MegaDrive Classics For Xbox One. SEGA’s collection of Mega Drive & Genesis classics comes to a new generation of consoles with 53...Read moreVery deals
25th Jul 2020
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Sega Mega Drive Mini Console

Sega Mega Drive Mini Console

It’s a mini version of the Sega Mega Drive complete with games Includes 40 classic games, including Sonic the Hedgehog, and 2 bonus games! Comes with 2 wired control pads Has...Read moreMenkind deals
4th Jul 2020
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Find all the latest Sega discount codes in the UK!

Sega Genesis also is known as the Mega Drive is a 16-bit video game console that was designed and developed Sega. The Sega Genesis was their third console and the successor to the Master System. The released the video gaming console in Japan in 1988 which they called Mega Drive.

The console was distributed by Virgin Mastertronic in Europe, Tec Toy in Brazil, and Ozisoft in Australasia. The console was designed by the research and development team that was headed by Hideki Sato and Masami Ishikawa. The hardware of the console was adapted from the Sega’s System 16 arcade board.

The system plays a library of over 900 games that was created by third-party publishers and Sega. The games are delivered on ROM-based cartridges. They also added several add-ons such as the Power Base Converter. This allows the user to play Master System games. The company also created two network services that support Sega Meganet and Sega Channel.

One of the main competitors of the Mega Drive was the Nintendo Family Computer. Sega achieved success in North America and Europe because of their wide variety of games that you can play. The Sega Genesis was succeeded by the Sega Saturn in 1994.

How to Get Cheap Sega Deals in the UK

Sega deals, Amazon UK

If you are looking for Sega Mega Drive with 81 games then you came to the right place. Check the Latest Deals site frequently to know about the cheap Sega Mega Drive games offers and bargains.

Stick to your budget when you use Sega Mega Drive original voucher codes from your favourite retailers such as Argos, eBay, Music Magpie, and 365games to maximise your savings. Whether you are looking for any kind of games, there are a variety of choices await you from reputable sellers.

Check out the offers of popular UK retailers and see which deals are the most affordable and reasonable. You can also take advantage of the free delivery options that some UK retailers are offering. This can save you money on delivery charges. You can use your extra money to buy additional items from the sellers.

Sega Mega Drive offer at Curry’s PC World

Our massive community of bargain hunters has gathered the best cheap Sega built-in games offers, deals, and voucher codes. There is also the availability of Sega Mega Drive classic game console with 80 games.

You'll never go wrong when you purchase quality products that popular UK retailers such as Zavvi, Curry’s, and Amazon are offering. Your children will surely have fun playing Sega games. Even adults will surely be entertained with the games that remind them of their childhood. There are basically lots of games that you can choose from.

You can even save more money when you buy game bundles. Just be reminded about the return policy of the UK sellers so that you can return the consoles or game cartridges if ever you receive defective items. Playing video games is a great stress reliever since you will be entertained. It is also an amazing way to bond with friends and family.

It's time for a rundown of the Top 10 UK SEGA Mega Drive games, as they were in October 1993.

Popular Sega Games

  • Sonic The Hedgehog. This game was released in 1992. Sonic is probably the most successful game that Sega has released. The game even became more popular with the addition of Miles Tails Prower and enhanced bonus stages. They also featured a two-player mode in the Sonic The Hedgehog 2 game.
  • Devil Crash. Released in 1991, This is one of the most entertaining classic pinball games that Sega has developed. While it features one main table, it is well designed. There are also several smaller mini tables that were included in the game.
  • Gunstar Heroes. This game was released in 1993. It features amazing graphics and it is a good shooter game. There are also lots of crazy fantastic boss encounters.
  • Streets Of Rage 2. This is fun to play with. It is filled with lots of heroes that you can use to fight enemies according to your liking. This game was released in 1993. Each character has his own special moves and there are four characters that you can use in the original game.
  • Strider. Released in 1991. This is simply one of the most entertaining games released during those times. It has a stunning soundtrack that will make you play like crazy. You will surely reminisce your childhood when you play this particular game.
Different Kinds of Sega Video Game Consoles
  • Sega Computer Videogame SG-1000. This is the first home console that was created by Sega. This is played using ROM cartridges. The computer version uses a built-in keyboard which plays Sega games SC-3000.
  • SG-1000 II. this is the upgraded version of SG-1000 which uses detachable controllers. This is also played using ROM cartridges.
  • SG-1000 MKIII. This is the third version of the SG 1000. This console was rebranded and redesigned as the Master System which can be played using ROM cartridges and Sega Card games.
  • Sega Saturn. This is the final home console made by Sega. It has a built-in modem that you can connect to the internet. It also has VMU accessory which serves as the memory card. It also uses a simple handheld console.
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