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Simoniz's technology was different. The unique combination of cleaner and wax together gave way to an exclusive car finish. In the year 2012 Simoniz opened their garage.

Till today’s date, this garage is known as the most technologically advanced garage in the world. It is also one of the most sizable ones. People from all over the globe can visit here and get trained from the Simoniz staff.

If you are interested in buying Simoniz products, it is available at Amazon, Wilko, Tesco, and other reputable UK retailers.

Things to Know About Simoniz

The craftsmen at Simoniz are exceptionally talented and passionate about what they do. Simoniz has an exclusive range of car washes as well as janitorial and industrial products.

Their range of car washes provide solutions to all automobile cleaning problems. Being a leading brand in the car wash industry they offer good cleaning experience. None can procure that finishing shine, the way Simoniz does.

Simoniz offers professional car wash products and equipment. Their services are great too. Whatever Simoniz does or manufactures is 100% professional detail-oriented. 

Simoniz offers a good variety of car wash products and equipment. It includes hot wax & shine, saniclean, diamond plate, ceramic sealant, and tire shine. Apart from these they also manufacture a special range of car washes.

Their range of car washes can clean like a professional. It also guarantees that long-lasting ravishing first impression. Simoniz has been serving for over a century now.

Their janitorial and industrial range boasts measurable protection and safety. Their products offer professional cleaning and sanitizing solutions. Simoniz’s expert chemists and engineers have formulated appropriate remedies for all problems.

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Benefits of Using Simoniz

With the use of Simoniz products, one can only make their life a lot easier. For instance, their hot wax range is extraordinary. The wax type is both hot and pure. The carnauba wax cascades all throughout the car.

It procures a classic shine together with a long-lasting finish. Regularly waxing with Simoniz wax can keep the car exceptionally clean. It can keep the car clean for long periods of time.

That is not all, it also prevents the car’s body from minor scratches. Simoniz products also keep the automobile safe. It even protects it from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. 

The commercial range comprises over 200 premium quality cleaners, disinfectants, detergents, and sanitizers. Their range of janitorial products is designed to provide sanitation and janitorial solutions. This category has plenty of all-purpose cleaners, disinfectants, waxes, and floor-finishes.

Together with the Harvard Cleaning Research team, they have procured eminent solutions. Solutions that resulted in manufacturing over 3000 high-quality cleaning products.

These products can take care of a wide spectrum in the workplace and of the environment. They offer impressive floor care and hand care. Their car wash solutions include diamond plate, odor out, SaniClean, sani-tab, and others.

What Makes Simoniz Stand Out From the Rest

All of Simoniz products boast some outstanding features. They all ensure better health of the automobile. Their range of car washes can cleanse deeply. It can also revitalize the durability of the automobile. 

They protect the car’s outside from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and toxic chemicals. The car washes are powered with expert sanitization formulas.

Their range of in-car cleaners, one can get a 100% bacteria-free car. The specialty of Simoniz products is, they are powerful. One single car wash can keep the car clean for a long period of time.

They have solutions for all kinds of car cleaning or janitorial problems. Simoniz has formulated a solution for all. From window glass cleaners to interior car surface sanitization they have it all.

They have even manufactured car wash and janitorial equipment for their customers. Simoniz is the car care brand that sells extraordinary products and services.

This is a very useful car care brand. Some of their top products include anti-bacterial disinfectants and interior car surface sanitizer. They are known to produce their own original paste wax.

The other top products comprise polish kit, swirl remover, glass shield, car foam, and car wash. Their cleaning and conditioning range is immense and impressive. They have exceptionally categorized their products. They have an exclusive range for both interior and exterior solutions.

Their range of RTU products is unique. It has RTU kits, Wheel & Tire, Glass & Trim, waxes, polishes, and sanitizers. They have also got vinyl & plastic, carpet, upholstery, leather care, and paint corrections.

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