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The brand aims to provide beautifully designed, well made containers all over the 110 countries.  Every container from the brand is made using virgin material and its  BPA and Phthalate free.  

Sistema Plastic is a popular brand all over 110 countries. The company provides the BPA free plastics under the brand names KLIP IT and Klipo.

The company aims to manufacture products without harming nature. Their new factory initiatives are highly beneficial for nature conservation.

They use electric moulding machines instead of hydraulic. It works 70% more efficiently. The company collects and filters 100% of rain water for cooling machines.

The compressors are controlled using various variable speed drives. It prevents the unnecessary usage of power.  The company uses the intelligence quality control to ensure the top quality of the materials. 

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Things to Know About Sistema

The brand Sistema expertise in providing stackable, versatile, and easy to use containers to make life easier. The company provides a huge range of products.

They have a collection from lunch box to water bottles and kitchen storage box to microwave safe boxes. The products are versatile in design. The brand ensures to use only the top-quality materials.

The rejected parts are rebound and reused. Sistema is ISO certified as well as it has received the GMP certification. It ensures that the product doesn’t contain harmful material. They are effective and safe for market distributions. 

The brand features its products in two categories. They are Brilliance and Freshworks. In the Brilliance the brand provides 100% leak proof guaranteed products.

In this range they provide  Crystal clear, Phthalate and BPA Free and stain resistant products. In the second range they provide products that help to keep your food fresh for a longer period of time.

In this range the container has the built-in FreshVent lid filter. This filter of the container lasts a lifetime. There is no hassle of buying replacements of re-installation.

The bottom of the containers has an elevated CrispTray. It helps to keep moisture away and leaves you with crisper veggies and fruits.

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Benefits of Using Sistema Products

There are numerous benefits of using storage containers from the brand Sistema. The range of products are designed with an airtight and leak proof seal.

The products are featured with innovative latches. It provides a mess free and spill free food storage solution.

You can easily store liquid foods like soup, sauce, stews, or salad with dressing. The range of products from fresh works helps to keep the fruits and vegetables fresh for a longer period.

The top quality of the products adds a beneficial feature of stain resistant. It makes the container ideal to maintain a spotless look and can store any type of food. 

The brand Sistema provides a huge collection of storage containers for different purposes. They provide containers in different shapes like rectangular and round. 

In the range utility you can use containers for storing essentials like crackers, juice, cookies, cereals and others. The brand also provides many sets or packs of containers. 

You can get a different range of products for the bakery. In the range of ultra the brand provides tight seal, impact resistant, and dishwasher safe products.

The brand expertise in providing microwave safe mugs and bowls. In the range of To Go and lunch they provide a variety of food storage and lunch storage collections.

They also provide reusable straws and quality water bottles under the range of Hydrate. The other products offered by the brand are storage baskets, bins, trays, and others. 

What Makes Sistema Stand Out From the Rest

The unique design and top-quality material makes Sistema Stands out from the rest. The range of products are made from BPA free plastics. They are phthalate free as well.

The products come in versatile design and give ideal storage solutions. For every type of food storage Sistema offers an ideal solution. The range of products from Sistema are distributed over 110 countries. It is one of the most loved brands for plastic containers.

The unique design of the products helps to keep the food and veggies fresh for a longer period. The range of water bottles and lunch box are reusable and dishwasher safe.  

There are lots of advantages of using Sistema plastics storage containers. The product range is reusable and environment-friendly.

The food storage containers come with the feature of air tight seals. The products are made with stain resistant materials. The high-quality material of the product provides 360 degree crystal clear clarity.

Each container is made with quality Tritan to give a premium look. The innovative vents of the container  allow microwaving with the lid on. Each storage container features a modular design.

It allows for ideal stacking and efficient storage. The range of reusable containers, cutlery, and accessories eliminates the need for disposal packaging. 

The quality material and unique design makes the Sistema products useful. Their range of storage containers are available in different shapes and sizes. They offer an ideal solution for any type of storage.

The range of lunch boxes provides an ideal food storage solution. They keep the food warm and fresh for a longer period. The reusable water bottles are stylish and can hold large amounts of water.

It prevents the wastage of plastics. All the products are made with top-quality materials. They also offer the  range of products for home such waste bins, storage bins, trays and others.

It helps to keep the things more organised. The range leak proof and fresh work products helps to keep the products more organised.

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