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UK Socket Plug Covers

UK Socket Plug Covers

Ideal for those with young children and pets around the house. Also good for keeping electrical socket covered and protected from potential liquid spills...Read moreAmazon deals
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10th Apr
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13A 2-Gang Smart Socket

13A 2-Gang Smart Socket

BRITISH GENERAL 900 SERIES 13A 2-GANG SP SMART SOCKET WHITE Smart socket that controls power via the BG Home app or voice control. Continues to work when internet connection is...Read moreScrewfix deals
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18th Mar
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Cheap sockets sale and the latest voucher codes in the UK!

A socket is defined as an artificial or natural hollow in which something is fitted into it. A socket can also be an electrical device that receives a plug or a light bulb to make it work and have a connection. It can also be a bony hollow part that can be attached with another thing like an eye socket a hip socket.

There are things that can be associated with sockets. It can also be a part of an opening in which something can be fitted like a pipe or a probe. It can also be a spanner head that has a recess that can be fitted over a bolt head.

Sockets can be natural or artificial in nature and it is a very important part of our lives. There are products available today that have sockets as part of their structure like car repair tools and electrical wall outlets. Sockets are used in various industries like medical, automotive, electrical, industrial, and more. You can buy and use these things to make work easier for you and for everyone else.

Where Can I Find the Best Socket Discounts in the UK?

Different socket on sale, Amazon UK

Here at Latest Deals, you can get the best cheap socket deals, offers, and discounts. We have gathered information on the offers of reputable UK retailers. You can purchase light switches and sockets as well as socket tools from Aldi, Wickes, Robert Dyas, eBay, Argos, Wilko, Sky, and Screwfix.

If you are looking for designer sockets and switches, you can save some money if you use the latest socket voucher codes upon checkout. Just be reminded to double check your orders before finalizing them to avoid returning them on a later date.

There are socket stores online that are willing to give as much as 50% discount. There are even retailers that sell their products with a free delivery option. You have the freedom to choose the best socket UK deal that you think will give value to your money.

Light and switch socket deals, Wayfair

If you are looking for a Surge Protected Extension Lead Switched 4 Way Sockets with 5 USB Charger, you can buy it at Amazon for a £6.50 off. Laptops can be bought at Currys PC World. You can save as much as £160 on this purchase.

Buying a Night Light Projector Lamp at Amazon can save you £5. Purchase a clock radio at Currys PC World and get £33 off. Get a WiFi plug at Amazon and save £3 for this purchase. Buy a Smart LED TV at Argos and save as much as £130.

For those who spend their time fixing things in a garage, you need reliable Sockets and Workshop Hand Tools. Get them for a 15% off at Halfords. Roadside Test & Repair Tool Kit is sold at Car Parts 4 Less and save as much as £21. Get your socket tool set at B&Q and get £31 savings.

Different kinds of Socket Tools

Sockets clearance sale, Argos
  • Hex Sockets – This is fitted around a hexagonal bolt head or nut. This can be a 6 or 12 point hex.
  • Impact Sockets – Impact sockets have an industrial surface finish. This eventually makes them colour black. These tools can withstand high impact and is used for industrial work.
  • Spark Plug Sockets – Just as the name says, it is a much longer socket that is used to remove or install spark plugs to an engine. This prevents the spark plugs from getting damaged.
  • Socket bit it is a kind of hex socket with a kind of bit inside. These are usually screwdriver bits and makes tasks easier compared to manual tools.
  • Pass-Through Sockets
  • This socket has a pass-through hole which can be used on any bolt. If you have a bolt with a long shaft, this can be useful in loosening or tightening bolts.
  • Universal Joint
  • These are very useful in hard to reach places. It has a ball-swivel that gives you a 360-degree turning action.
How to control your plug sockets with Alexa. These Wifi plug sockets cost very little money and there's no clever hack required, just enable a skill and it works!Different Kinds of Electrical Sockets
  • GFCI Sockets - This is a ground fault circuit interrupter. It has capabilities to shut off automatically if it detects any ground fault or short circuit. This socket will trip if the electricity goes beyond its voltage.
  • AFCI Sockets - This is somewhat similar to the GFCI Socket. These kinds of outlets have the capacity to protect from arcs which happens when current jumps from one electrical wire to another that can cause a fire.
  • 20A Sockets - You can use more than one power-hungry devices and it can support a big electrical load without tripping. These are mostly used in kitchens, garages, and laundry rooms.
  • Switched Sockets - These outlets can be turned off or on whenever you want to. This is necessary if you want to keep the something plugged in but you won’t use it at that time.
  • USB Sockets - Today, integrated USB ports should be installed in houses. There are some sockets available that have a combination of regular and USB sockets that you can install in your home.
  • Smart Sockets - These are sockets that can be controlled by your mobile phone. You can turn on or turn off the socket anywhere you are and anytime you want which makes it very convenient.
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