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Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort

A signature blend of whiskey fruits and spices back crafted over 140 years. Enjoy simply with lemonade & a squeeze of fresh lime or mix to create fun cocktails at home. Impress...Read moreMorrisons deals
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1st May
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Southern Comfort, 1 Litre

Southern Comfort, 1 Litre

Southern Comfort® Original Liqueur with Whiskey 1 Litre, ABV 35% 4.9 out of 5 stars 7,800 ratings Amazon Deal Price: £18.00 Created in 1874 by legendary bartender MW....Read moreAmazon deals
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13th Apr
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Southern Comfort 70CL

Southern Comfort 70CL

Clubcard price £14 online is same price but in store it has this funky bottle jacket, not sure if you'd get the bottle blanket online. You can get a clubcard easy and for free,...Read moreTesco deals
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1st Mar
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Martin Wilkes Heron the boat builder’s son was an innovative bartender. He was popular for adding whiskey as the base spirit in his drinks.

This is how he became the owner and founder of this brand that today stands to be a renowned one. Since March 2016 Southern Comfort has been owned by the company named Sazerac Company. The earlier owner was Brown-Forman. 

It was in the late 1880s when Heron started selling his unique drink in sealed bottles. Each bottle carries the unique slogan ‘Not Genuine But Mine’. This brand has also been the owner of multiple prominent awards. One of them was won in the 1904 World’s Fair gold medal, in St. Louis, Missouri.

Multiple TV reality shows also featured the liquors of Southern Comfort. For instance, a Thirsty Traveller’s episode named ‘A River Of Whiskey featured Southern Comfort.

In this episode, Chris Brown quite exceptionally demonstrates the original Heron recipe. There were periods when Southern Comfort was shut down. But, it always came back in business due to its high consumer demand.

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Things to Know About Southern Comfort

The original Southern Comfort recipe had vanilla beans, cinnamon, and the original sweetener honey. The inventor of this drink loved honey. At times, cloves, cherries, and orange sprinkles were also added.

Southern Comfort had procured a unique range of flavors. Some of the top ones include Lime and Caramel. The consumers even get the freedom to choose from a variety of alcohol ratios.

The options available are, 21% ABV, 35% ABV, 40%, and 50% ABV. In consideration of the current owners’ choice, today, diverse eggnog flavors are also available.

This brand was found in New Orleans. Even to this date whenever there is a party, the only drink that flows throughout is Southern Comfort. The customer's claim there is no whiskey better than Southern Comfort that flows with music this smoothly.

This brand features a good range of exotic drinks. Pouring a glass of Southern Comfort can make any evening a memorable one. The one and only term that goes well with Southern Comforts drinks are ‘smooth-drinking’.

The mixes are exceptional and they offer a lifetime experience. Together with Americana music and Southern Comfort on the glass, nothing can compete for its excellence. 

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Benefits of Drinking Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort stands to be a universal brand that solely focuses on diversification. They are comfortable with almost anything. The top three exotic ways include Southern on the rocks, whiskey neat, and bold fashioned.

The others include Southern Mule, Southern Manhattan, and Comfort Collins. All kinds of whiskey lovers can explore their taste buds at Southern Collins. They have created an exemplary creation for the ones that enjoy it light and easy-going.

The ones who enjoy it hard and raw won’t get disappointed either. Since the establishment of this brand 140 years ago, until today they stand to be the spirit of New Orleans. 

They have typically produced three different Southern Comfort drinks. First comes the Original drink. It is 70 proof whiskey. Its recipe is the replica of the original Southern Comfort recipe. It comprises core whiskey notes, spice accents, and iconic fruits.

This drink goes well with cocktails and mainstream mixers. The next drink is called Black. It belongs to the robust whiskey-forward profile. It is enriched with subtle spices and fruity accents.

This drink levels up the original Southern Comfort drink. The third drink is called the 100 proof. This drink is bold, balanced, with a burst of caramel. It has been boosted with fruity accents as well. 

What Makes Southern Comfort Stand Out From the Rest

Southern Comfort carries some outstanding features. It acts as an exotic drink for all those memorable evenings. A single sip of Southern Comfort can enlighten one’s taste buds instantly.

Southern Comfort’s range of whiskey also carries some great medicinal properties. When users consume it in moderate amounts it can promote noticeable weight loss. Multiple heart diseases can also be kept astray whilst sipping on Southern Comfort.

From first time drinkers to the regular one’s Southern Comfort stands to be an exemplary choice. The drinkers will never suffer from dementia by sipping on a glass of Southern drinks.

This eminent liquor brand offers its consumers with some great advantages. To begin with, when Southern Comfort’s whiskey has been consumed optimally it promotes multiple health benefits.

One’s immune system gets better or boosted. If injured one can heal as well as reduce any amount of blood clotting. After having a large and heavy meal sipping on some Southern Comfort can promote great digestion.

This drink also presents itself to be an exceptional cure for the common cold. Southern Comfort can also be enjoyed by individuals who are patients of diabetes.

The drinks of Southern Comfort can be enjoyed individually as well as in the form of cocktails. Adding the desired quantity of Southern Comfort with fruit & some ice will taste heavenly.

One doesn’t need to be a professional cocktail maker as the drinks itself have been uniquely formulated. Consumers have even claimed that the Southern Comfort range of whiskey is suitable for breast cancer patients. 

One unique feature of this brand is, they only use the finest and premium ingredients to create their drinks. The craftsmen at Southern Comfort are passionate about what they do. All their drinks have been made special with the addition of love in them.

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