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Find the best Lego Technic UK deals and voucher codes!

Technologically Advanced

Lego Technic is the more advanced series of Lego toys with technical functions that are more complex compared to your everyday Lego brick-building toys. This line is a series of models comprised of interconnecting plastic parts and rods that both adults and kids alike will love building.

Expert Builder series introduced the concept. Originally, it was the Technical Sets first seen in the year 1977. In 1984, it was renamed Technic. Most Technic sets are known for their special pieces, pins, axles and gears. There are also other included pieces like plates and beams found in them. Moreover, there are also sets with pneumatic pieces or electric motors.

Recently, Technic pieces started filtering their sets. They even included BIONICLE sets and many others. Overtime, the style of Lego Technic has undergone numerous innovative changes. In 2000, it utilised a different method for construction called “studless construction”, wherein pins and beams replaced the usual bricks.

Thus, if you are up for a whole new range of bricks, you should check what Technic has instore for you. One of the significant modifications of this series from the Lego we are accustomed to are the beams and holes. These are found between the studs. These holes can hold pins that would allow two beams connected side-by-side. Further, the holes are for axles that you can use for wheels and gears.

How to Get Cheap Lego Technic Deals in the UK

Lego Technic Smyths

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Lego Technic Argos

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LEGO Technic Mechanisms & Building Tips

Must-Have Lego Technic Sets

If you are a parent, you should not fear of stepping on a Lego. Having Lego sets at home would enable your child to foster creativity. It is a way to build a bigger and more realistic materials. Anything can be built from it. From an off road racer to an excavator, it is really not that hard to assemble.

  • WHACK!. WHACK! Is known as a high-speed racer that comes with a scheme of bright red and green colour. It has racing stickers and a sturdy front bumper that can reduce impact. Furthermore, it goes with a cool rear spoiler and a pullback motor that activates forward motion. This is easy to handle for your younger child.
  • BASH!. Bash! Is almost the same as WHACK!. It goes with all-terrain tires and a pull-back motor as well. Basically, one of its features is a pop-out engine. However, what sets this apart from the rest is that its look is really more aggressive. This is available on red and black colour scheme. Maximise this dirt track style racer as you combine it to a six-wheeler racer. This should work too.
  • Racing Yacht. This is a luxury racing yacht which is a replica of the original. Its wiches and lines are detailed. It also comes with a working rudder as well. For sure, your child can manipulate this thanks to its lifelike wheel and tiller steering. The package includes stickers which are in the blue and white colour scheme. Use any of these as you please.
  • BMW GS Adventure. Do you know what is even way cooler than a motorcycle? It is the real BMW R-series. This is a blue and gray motorcycle that is packed with all-terrain wheels. It has real moving parts like steering column, moving pistons, kickstand and suspension too. Lego designers who partnered with BMW to be able to build a scale model which resembles and actual motorcycle. This comes with stickers you will surely need for detailed decorations and dashboard, as well as an anniversary Lego brick.
  • RC Tracked Racer. The RC Tracked Racer is a motorized, remote-controlled Lego racer that has the ability to drive its way over any kinds of obstacles at an average speed. It may do for around 1 mile per hour. This becomes possible with its two large tracks which are all powered by six wheels. Moreover, the Tracked Racer has a 370-piece puzzle box that features a battery box, motor and remote control.
  • Heavy Lift Helicopter. This helicopter is built from a single Heavy Lift rotor. It is also transformed to a tandem rotor helicopter. Basically, the winch and the buildable cargo are fun to play with if they are hooked up with the motor so that it functions at the greatest maximum.
  • Ocean Explorer. The Ocean Explorer vessel can be transformed into Barge and Push Boat. The overall impression of this is that it is a fun toy for the imagination. With this, you can sail seven seas and even build a submarine and a helicopter landing pad which you may use for underwater exploration and flights. All of these may work just fine.
What you can Get Out of Playing Lego Technic
  • Encourages teamwork and communication. Discussing, sharing and building strategy all happen in building Lego Technic. Hence, they can also help in increasing language development. Based on a study from 2007, parents of kids who enable their child to play building blocks have better verbal skills as compared to others. Lego Technic does help.
  • Promotes patience and organisational skills. To organise, plan and then execute are all critical skills that are applied in any goal oriented actions in life. These skills will surely be tested and exercised with the presence of the construction process as a tool.
  • Enhances constructive problem solving and lateral thinking. Solving a problem happens when you think clearly and creatively. A Lego tower may topple over at any moment if you’re not careful. This is why thinking clearly is the answer to save the design which is also part of the creative process.
  • Provides new adventure and experimentation. When you play with Technic, you have the opportunity to experiment and try things that you have never done before. Yes, there are times you fail. However, from the excitement of not getting something at first, to create something new follows for sure. This is a chance to play around ideas that would call for problem solving and creative thinking.
  • Develops motor skills. The precise and small movements that have to be coordinated together in Technic when building can assist in strengthening the fine motor skills of kids.
  • Increases spatial awareness. Once you are handed a blueprint of a construction that must be rebuilt, you should be able to imagine it in 3D. This is important because it is still believed that spatial intelligence is a factor that affects critical thinking. This is a skill engineers should master. The same is also true with architects and artists.
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