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*SAVE £15* Teac Bluetooth Turntable

*SAVE £15* Teac Bluetooth Turntable

£15 Discount Teac TN-180BT-A3B Bluetooth Turntable The Teac TN-180BT-A3B Bluetooth Turntable delivers the sound wirelessly via built-in Bluetooth transmitter in addition to...Read moreHughes deals
30th Sep
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Find the best deals and sales on turntables in the UK!

From Classic to Modern

If you will make a list of the ingenious inventions ever created by men, turntable will definitely make the cut. This is a device responsible to the generation of sounds. However, turntables are not only bound to play records. They are also about the creation of skilled and unique beats which are used in Hip-Hop today. It has really gone a long way since its discovery.

Records say that the history of turntables dates back in the 1890’s when phonograph was invented by Thomas Edison. Afterward, Alexander Graham Bell invented the Graphophone which was built with an innovative design that originated from Emile Berliner.

Turntable functions with a cartridge. It has a pick-up and a needle. In there, tone arms are also attached. This is the analog type. The size of this player varies. It usually depends upon the size of the disc that it is going to play with. There are players out there who usually play manually; on the other hand, others may opt to go for the automatic repeat function. The utilisation of turntable for beats was first done by DJ Kool Herc. He did such by scratching and breaking.

How to Get Cheap Turntable Deals Online

Best price on Bush Classic turntable, Argos

Get your groove on with the best turntable deals UK. From turntable with speakers and Bluetooth turntable to Bush classic turntable and modern day Dj turntables and mixer, you’ll find a turntable for sale here at Latest Deals that will not compromise your budget.

Our community of bargain hunters are always on the lookout to find the best cheap turntable sale, special offers, discounts, and price drops. We also have a team of money-saving experts who regularly share essential tips and tricks that will be able to help you save on your instore and online shopping.

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How to buy a turntable

Best Turntables You Can Buy Online

So you have finally decided to get yourself a turntable, here are some of the top-rated models you might want to check online:

  • Audio Technica AT-LP120-USB
  • Fluance RT81
  • Rega Planar 1
  • Audio Technica LP60-BT
  • Crosley Cruiser Deluxe
  • Audio Technica LP60
  • Pro-Ject Primary
  • Lenco 87
  • Pioneer PLX-500
  • Teac LPR550
  • Audio Technica LP5
  • Staton STR8 150
How to Choose the Best Turntable
Turntable deals UK, Richer Sounds

To properly listen to your records, please remember that you may need an amplifier, phono equaliser, speaker and cartridge. If you are looking for the best turntable for you, we have listed down a number of factors you might want to consider in doing so.

Learn about the rotation method. When you are picking for the right turntable, you must know that there are two main kinds of belt rotation you have to be familiar with. They have unique characteristics so they are different from one another. The choice would of course depend upon your preference. Regardless, here are some of them:

  • The Direct Drive - The Direct Drive is responsible for smooth rotations and stops. It is referred to as direct because this model has its drive directly connected to the motor. Further, you will not be obliged to replace the rubber belt all the time.

Look at the Needle, Cartridge and Tone Arm. Turntables are not going to work without a cartridge, record needle and a tonearm. It would help that you check before you buy because there is a tendency for you to see a model that does not use record needles in their packaging. You have to check that. Moreover, these are some of the factors you have to look at:

  • Cartridge Types - When you shop, you may come across two kinds of cartridges for turntables. These are all present in the market. Among these kinds are the Moving Magnet ad the Moving Coil. Generally, MC types are considered to be more capable of playing delicate and high-quality sounds, as compared to that of MM. MM is more on a replacement for manual needles. If you are a beginner, you may benefit from this kind because it is way too affordable. On the other hand, MC may restrict you from using manual needle replacements. For this reason, MC cartridges may be costly.
  • Tonearm - The tonearm serves as the support of the record needle and the cartridge. It is the element that keeps the balance so that the cartridge can accurately trace the sound grooves and all. Almost like the types of cartridge, they may also be classified into two - the Integrated and the Universal type.

Explore the Phono Equaliser. The needle traces audi signals coming from the sound grooves of the record. When it does, original and unflavoured sounds are produced. This is when the phono equaliser comes to place. It is responsible for such role. It also comes in two categories - the built-in and non-built in type. Of course, these two are not the same from each other. Remember these:

  • Built-in Phono Equalisers - These are found inside the turntable body. With them, users do not have to treat the equalisers as a separate entity. The type is a choice for users who are just beginning to discover turntables, hence, mostly for its affordable price.
  • Non-Built-In Phono Equalisers - These are additional investment because they are normally from a separate package. Just remember that these phono equalisers are suitable for advanced users because they may have to fine-tune their desired audio performance for this, instead of getting themselves a new one.

Think about the Amplifier. To enjoy a high-quality sound, an amplifier is essential. While it contributes to the fullness of the sound you hear, please understand that this is not a necessary nor required. Maybe you can inspect your audio equipment so that you may know if it needs an amplifier. Be reminded that you need to have a component or a radio cassette player with external terminal connection including Line Aux. This is a way to connect the amplifier to your turntable through a built-in phono equaliser.

Not all amplifiers feature a phono terminal But then, if you do not own an amplifier, you may buy so that you can enhance your overall listening experience. It is really up to you.

Pick a USB Port for Exporting Audio to a PC or Smartphone. You might want your turntable to function with a USB port. With it, you may be able to record an audio from the turntable in a PC or a smartphone. Making this connection is easy with a USB cable.

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