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Tips When Purchasing Waterproof Jackets
All the best waterproof deals you can find across the UK!

Waterproof jackets are not all the same and here’s everything you need to consider before purchasing one:

What fabrics should we look for in a jacket?

Various fabrics and assembly techniques can be used for waterproof and weatherproof clothing. Polyurethane and PVC, a type of vinyl, have been go-to materials for years ― think the classic yellow fisherman’s raincoat ― while innovations like Gore-Tex, a material often employed in technical outerwear, are extremely effective in repelling water.

Outdoor brands, including Arc’teryx, The North Face and Marmot, make waterproof jackets using Gore-Tex, which, according to the brand’s slogan, is “guaranteed to keep you dry.”

Breathability is key for comfort.

While PVC and PU rainwear are effective in repelling water, they aren’t necessarily breathable. Technologies like Gore-Tex or Polartec’s Power Shield, on the other hand, offer more breathability. Gore-Tex is a porous membrane made of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (or ePTFE), and “the pores are small enough that they don’t let water drops in, but they allow vapor to move out,” Hadravska explained.

For optimal comfort, the clothes you wear underneath your jacket or shell are also important. Those should be breathable, too.

Pay special attention to the seams.

Every design and manufacturing choice plays a part in how well a garment stands up to inclement weather, including how the seams are sealed. There’s a lot of companies that do critical seam sealing as opposed to total seam sealing so they will only tape seal the neck seam and shoulder seam or chest. They will leave the sleeves out, for example, to save money, but that’s not really a complete solution, or completely reliable solution. It’s probably good 80 percent of the time, but not 100 percent of the time.

There are different levels of waterproofness.

Here’s where things get a little technical. A textile’s level of water resistance is measured in column pressure. Imagine a one-inch tube that’s sitting on top of the fabric, and it’s filled with water. At one point, the column is high enough that there’s so much pressure that the water will actually come through the membrane. That’s the number you need to look out for in terms of grading waterproofness.

Products need to be tested to a column pressure of 5,000 millimeters to be considered waterproof for basic, everyday activities. More technical outerwear, including products created with Gore-Tex, can range from 15,000 mm to 20,000 mm in column pressure. In other words, they’re definitely waterproof.

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Charlie from GO Outdoors takes us through what to look for when buying the right waterproof jacket for your needs.

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