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Wheelbarrow Set

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15th Nov 2020
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How To Choose The Best Wheelbarrow

When looking for the right wheelbarrow for your needs, make sure to buy it on reputable retailers to ensure its quality. Some of the UK retailers where you can get top-notch wheelbarrows that will not hurt your budget are WheelBarrows Direct., Amazon UK, Argos, eBay, Rober Dyas, and Wickes. Also, you can save more money by using one of the wheelbarrow discount codes at Latest Deals.

With that in mind, here are some things to consider when shopping around for a wheelbarrow:

  • Material

You can still find vintage wheelbarrows on the market. However, most models out there have buckets that are either made of plastic or steel. Plastic is easier on your back and budget and ideal if you're going to mainly do light gardening. Although it will not acquire rust, it may crack when it's carrying heavy loads, especially during colder months.

A steel wheelbarrow, on the other hand, is the most common. It can handle light to heavy loads with ease. Also, the material is reliable and long-lasting. Nevertheless, it is prone to rust, so make sure to store it away from elements.

There are also some foldable models made of canvas. This is handy for gardeners who don't have enough storage space. However, it may not work well on the most challenging garden jobs.

  • Handles

In terms of materials, you can choose between traditional and ergonomic. A wheelbarrow with traditional straight handles offers high maneuverability. Likewise, it's easier to do tilting, flipping, and dumping. But this also means that you need to have more hand strength to handle it. Meanwhile, those with single-bar grips and closed handles are more ergonomic, which makes pulling a breeze.

In comparison to the traditional handles, a single bar is comfortable to use no matter what your height or size is. In fact, people with narrow shoulders will find those with a traditional two-handled design more challenging to manage.

  • Wheels

A traditional wheelbarrow comes with one wheel located on its front and center part. The tool's tripod design is what makes it easy to move around and dump. Nonetheless, you need to have the strength to balance and control it.

If you want more stability, a wheelbarrow with two wheels at the front may work better for you. This is especially helpful with hard to balance heavy loads. However, this also means that you have to sacrifice some level of maneuverability. Plus this model will not work well on hills.

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