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AliExpress vouchers

AliExpress Discount Codes

Working AliExpress Vouchers and Promo Codes for December 2019

Customers who are raving for great savings go to Aliexpress for wide selection of items which are priced so unimaginably low, you'll ditch your usual online retail shop. Aliexpress is every wholesaler's bestfriend, and why not? They offer more or less the same items only that it's about half or even just a quarter of the original price you'll find on malls or posh shops. Plus, if you are a loyal buyer and you have been given an Aliexpress voucher code, you may end up shopping more without really breaking the bank.

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How to redeem AliExpress vouchers?


  • Choose an AliExpress voucher here at Latestdeals.co.uk and head on to AliExpress.com. Make sure to choose United Kingdom at the top of the page as your ship to country.
  • Select the correspinding offer for your voucher and click "Buy Now" or "Add to Cart". You can also shop for other items you want.
  • When you're done shopping, clicl "Cart" at the top of the screen to proceed to checkout.
  • Select your preferred shipping method and click "Buy from this seller" to continue.
  • Fill in the delivery form and save your address to continue.
  • Review and confirm your order. If you don't see the coupon code field, you can simply leave a message for the seller.
  • Provide your payment method and details to finalize your order and click "Confirm and Pay".
  • Enjoy your discount!

Other information

  • AliExpress can be a bit hit or miss. Once I ordered from them and it was absolutely fine although it took ages as it comes from abroad. Another time I ordered and the item never turned up, I couldn't get a straight answer from customer services and although I eventually got a refund it was more stress than getting a cheap item so I won't be buying from there any more. By all means try it out as you may have a better experience and you may also want to look for voucher codes online to get some money off. Freebiesarefun
  • I stopped using AliExpress altogether. Yes they seem to run some great deals, online discount codes and promotions but I had too many problems and it put me off altogether. Their items take forever to arrive, I know they come from abroad but it is just too long for me. I have had so many items not turn up at all, items that have arrived and been nothing like described when I have purchased or they have sent a totally wrong product altogether. Their customer service is beyond bad. They have you running in circles and never give you a straight answer and trying to get a refund is just not worth the stress so I will never use them again. SRFMLY