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Working Approved Food Vouchers and Promo Codes for January 2019

Get the ultimate savings you want on your groceries without ever having to leave your home or the couch. Yes, it's possible with Approved Food. If you are the type who constantly stalks deals online, this is the perfect online buddy for you. With your Approved Food discount code, join everyone else and start saving on leftovers from the top supermarkets. Of course, nothing beyond the 'used by' date, so you can be assured that quality still comes first with all the savings you also need. Find an Approved Food free delivery code, or an Approved Food voucher code to save some money. All vouchers are shared by our community of money saving experts.

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Free Delivery on £25+ Orders
Should work for existing customers too! Free Shipping: Makes shipping free for a standard one box order for the UK mainland (normally £5.99). Premium UK delivery areas (Highlands... Read more
22nd Nov 2018
Food & Drink
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10% off
£10.00 will be deducted from the total cost of goods. Basket spend must exceed £30.00. Not eligible for use with other codes. One use per customer.... Read more
13th Aug 2018
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10% off
Food & Drink
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Half Price Delivery
Makes shipping half price (£2.99) for a standard one box order for the UK mainland (normally £5.99). Premium UK delivery areas (Highlands etc) international orders and orders... Read more
5th Aug 2018
Food & Drink

Other information

What is Approved Food?

Approved Food is a discount online food retailer. You can save serious amounts of money, especially when you use an Approved Food voucher code.

The shop gets its products from supermarkets: unsold stock. These are always non-perishable goods that last for a long time.

For whatever reason, the supermarkets were unable to sell it and were going to throw it away. But instead, they give it to Approved Food who sell it to you for cheap.

These are all safe to eat.

You can often find treats such as Ferrero Rocher for just 1p, yes 1p! Or cheap alcohol, toiletries and beauty products.

There is a minimum spend of about £25, and you also have to pay for delivery. However here, Latest Deal bargain hunters often find and share Approved Food free delivery codes to help save money.


  • Approved foods....well if you don't have a Herrons or Fullons near you then you can get some bargains. I found like most places you can get bargains anywhere. Plus, there's often a voucher code you can use. Even though most of the dates are short or best before dates have expired my son won't touch them even though I've tried to explain to him the difference. The delivery cost puts me off as I know half the items would end up in the bin and most can be picked up elsewhere. ZoeTaylor
  • I have never shopped with Approved Foods. The delivery cost alone puts me off. Yes they normally have the one great deal a day that you can get for £1 or so but you can only purchase one of these items and to be honest its not a company you can do a proper food shop in. It's more for junk food etc that you can pick up in most bargain shops for the same price minus the delivery cost and not items I would normally purchase, so I wouldn't make any savings it would just cost me to buy junk food that I normally wouldn't buy so not a company I have used or would plan on using anytime soon unfortunately. SRFMLY
  • I've ordered from them once as the dates really don't bother me. The food lasts for ages - I think I still have a tin of fruit left lol. As said above the delivery cost is very off putting however you can get an Approved Food discount code for free delivery if you look online. As it was my first order I got a deal though. Funnily enough I haven't shopped with them since bethlewington
  • TBH I do like Approved Foods, not because I do a weekly shop as that really isn't feasible, but it is a brilliant site if you want a little shop and a lot of junk food, such as drinks, chocolate and snacks are really cheap. I used at first because there was a free delivery code about and I took advantage, filled my box full of junk! I ordered and it arrived a few days later, the box was absolutely massive, but nothing was damaged at all. AnthonyFulton
  • I’ve only used Approved Food once. If I remember correctly there was a minimum spend on ordering and as I was ordering for myself, there was too much. But you can normally find an Approved Food voucher online. They do sell some really great stuff and I love that they’re encouraging people to not waste food. There’s a difference between a best before date and an expiry date. emsterific
  • I like the concept of this shop that no food goes to waste as everyone is aware of the sell by date but can get big reductions. I ordered once only because I had a free delivery code as the delivery cost can really mount up depending on how much you order. Their advertised deals of items for 1p etc are great and if you have a party coming up and you need some junk food this is the perfect place to buy everything from. Freebiesarefun
  • Approved Foods has the best customer service I've ever had to deal with. The prices are good, and the products ever changing. But you can get some good bargains, and if something goes wrong, they fix it quick and hassle free. I've had to call a few times due to missing, incorrect or damaged items and they are always happy to credit or replace any items without question. The staff are friendly and follow up where necessary. I'm quite pleased with the customer service experience. However, the boxes they send out are flimsy, and the courier they use are horrible (I came home to find a box dumped in front of my house, where anyone could see it, in the rain). So if you are sure you will be home for the delivery, it's a great way to save a ton of money! Make sure you look for a discount code! Angemala
  • Approved Foods can be a bit hit and miss. I recently got an absolute bargain on coffee pods but at other times the stuff on there can be more expensive than Home Bargains and B&M etc. I don't like their you have to spend 20 odd pounds to qualify to shop their as often I don't want to spend that much. Also the delivery cost is very off putting - apparently you can get free delivery vouchers though. I've never had a problem with any of the products from them though. Always good but you do have to shop smart. funwithlisa
  • Approved Foods have a very easy to navigate website. The different sections are clearly marked. They have some cracking deals & I like how easy it is to find the option of showing only the in date items. They have fab daily deals too. There are often free delivery codes available which obviously is the best time to take full advantage. I do think the best savings are on the treats & sweets (junk food!) as I find some categories such as the household items to be a very similar price to local shops. I love their waste less, save more slogan, it is what we should all strive to do. SandyRhodes
  • I'm a regular shopper with Approved Foods. There is a wide variety of all different foodstuff, household cleaning items, drinks, alcoholic and non alcoholic to suit all different tastes, toiletries, beauty products and a pet section . A lot of the things they sell are just past their sell by date but I've always found anything I've bought after this date is perfectly ok. There is an option on their website to check if you only want to see items that are still in date. The website is very to navigate. There is always a bargain of the day and a voucher code if you spend over a certain amount that is really great value. Usually if you spend over £50 you get free standard delivery although this can take several days to arrive but I've never found it a problem as there isn't anything I need urgently in my order. I do think they go overboard with their packaging. It can often be several boxes inside the main box. jacquis
  • I order from Approved Food a few times a year. As well as being really cheap it's given me the chance to try products that I wouldn't normally consider. Their lucky boxes have always been good when I've had them and their penny deals are great too! Shipping can be a little on the hefty side but they often have half price delivery codes. Customer service are lovely but they are a little slow to respond to queries. On one occasion I had items missing and the cost wasn't adjusted accurately, but they sorted it out for me. I would order from them more often if I had more space in my kitchen! Be sure to have a search online for an Approved Food discount code. kellyknight