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Working Claire's Vouchers and Promo Codes for January 2020


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How to redeem Claire's vouchers?


  • Choose the items you want to purchase and add it to your bag.
  • When you're done shopping, click on "My Bag" at the top right corner of the page to review your items.
  • Below your Shopping Bag, you will see the field that says "If you have a promotion code, enter it here". Type in or paste your voucher code in the box next to it and click "Apply". Once applied, your discount will be reflected on your Total.
  • Click "Secure Checkout" to proceed to your billing and delivery details.

Other information

  • I like having my hair tied back and out the way and Claire's do the bobbles I like but I think they are expensive. I always seem to have trouble sending stuff everywhere in Claire's as I find their stores are quite small and me with a walking stick and shopping trolley don't mix well. The assistant's are nice and we have a laugh and joke and they are always willing to help look for what I need. Their online sales seem to be fab with little bits and bobs from what I've seen but not bought as it's not stuff I'd need/use. Overall it's a nice shopping experience I just find a lot of it overpriced, but you can always get money off deals from voucher codes available at Latest Deals. funwithlisa
  • I used to go to Claire' s when I was younger. They got quite expensive over the years and I have found bags 4 times the price you can easily get them online. Even when they have sales, the items still stay expensive and I don't see too many customers in the shop compared to 15+ years ago, so make sure to search for discount codes online if you want to save more money. I believe if prices were lower, they would attract more customers. It would be nice to see a variety for boys accessories as well. The stores have a small space to walk around, making it difficult to walk if you are visiting a busy branch such as London. KatherineSvenss
  • I feel Claire’s has gotten expensive, certainly not as cheap as it used to be. They do offers like buy 3 and get 3 free which just makes you spend more. Ideally they just need to reduce the price and think they would do better. Always used to be good for hair bobbles, slips and grips but have to say I don’t visit the store as often as I can get cheaper products elsewhere, although you can still get good deals from voucher codes online. Staff are always friendly and speak to you when you go in which is nice sarahtwinmom
  • I used to take my niece to Claire's when she was younger but they have just gotten way too expensive now. I suggest search for online discount codes first if you want to save on your budget. They have a great range of items for young girls yes, but there are so many other stores and online companies that sell the same items for a fraction of the price. The store are always so busy too and never enough staff to help you if you need it. Used to be such a treat to take my niece here and somewhere we now just avoid especially since the jojo bows were invented the price of those bows is just way too much for little ones to buy and not a store i intend to use anytime soon sorry. SRFMLY
  • Claire's used to be really cheap, back when I used to shop there as a teenager. I also got my ears pierced there and have fond memories of the public spectacle that is getting your ears pierced in a public area with everyone wincing at you whilst they do it! Hope they don't do that any more. Now I find their shops too small and crammed so full it's hard to look through things. Think I won't bother shopping there now and leave it for the teenagers. Always look for online voucher codes if you're looking to save some money though on something that you really want to get on Claire's. Freebiesarefun
  • Claire's is a store I used to love, back when they offered good value and I can always save with voucher codes online. Now they have a lot of competition, not least from supermarkets & department stores. Invariably you can find better value for the same items elsewhere. The shops tend to be small & overstocked. It's hard to find what you want & it's not usually a pleasant experience to shop in a confined space. Claire's used to be the place you headed to for all your accessories & bits & bobs. These days I'm more likely to buy them in Tesco on my grocery shop, in a discount shop or a department store. They need to rethink their brand. GrainneNi