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Lidl Offers Discount Codes

Working Lidl Offers Vouchers and Promo Codes for July 2020

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How to redeem Lidl Offers vouchers?


  • Select a Lidl voucher here at LatestDeals.co.uk and head on to Lidl.co.uk in order to view the details of the corresponding offer.
  • You can redeem your voucher by showing it to the checkout clerk in a local store and they will apply the discount to your shopping total.
  • Enjoy your discount!

Other information

  • Lidl is fantastic. I do the majority of my shopping there. Their own brands are great quality and their cosmetics and cleaning products are cruelty free. Fresh produce is always good and if there is a problem you can return and receive a refund. Their clothing range is very good as well. They have great jackets with warm lining and very good quality snow gloves that work as a treat on a rainy day too.
  • I love they have their special weeks where you can taste products from other countries as well as their lovely weekend offers and bargain deals from discount codes you can get online. Very pleased,my favourite supermarket. KatherineSvenss
  • I love Lidl, it is a great shop. The prices are very cheap and you can save from voucher codes from sites like Latest Deals but it does not reflect quality. I love to buy vegetables from Lidl they seem to be fresher , better quality and more organic than in any other UK shops. I also find that they have a very different products that in the mega supermarket chains. Very good for diversity and to get something different. I would love to use their home delivery service if they offered it. Very happy customer. themystery3
  • Lidl has great prices across all their ranges. I didn't like the way they laid out some of their products but I have got over that now so that I can save the money! They do big reductions at a certain time and you can get a whole weekly shop for a bargain price, especially if you will look online for discount codes. Staff in my local branch are really nice and although the queues can be long they scan so fast you don't have to wait long. Overall it is a good alternative to the normal shops and can save you money. Freebiesarefun
  • I think Lidl are a fantastic supermarket with a great range of products both grocery and homeware, DIYtools, toys, clothing, gifts.and so much more. Even better they change weekly with products of the week which you can look at and pre-order from their app which can be delivered or picked up from store. When you get a trolleys worth of shopping you can guarantee it will be much cheaper than most leading supermarket chains. I have used online voucher codes in Lidl before and never had an issue And then there is their bakery section!! When you're on a diet stay away because they are just so good but as a one off treat go for it you will not be disappointed because they are all fresh baked in store and again at low prices with offers on. I cannot praise them enough. zararoberts86
  • Lidl is one of the top supermarkets out there! It guarantees everyday low prices and nearly everything on my shopping list is cheaper here compared to other stores, and you can even save more money with discount codes you can find at Latest Deals. I mainly use Lidl for grocery shopping rather than clothing or home items as they don’t seem to interest me as much. However the perfumes do! I like getting the perfume copies here just to use as casual wear and I absolutely love the bakery section! Only problem is I have to be there early for the bakery but because of the amount of people who use their bare hands on it. Lidl seriously need to get more signs up encouraging people to use the equipment provided rather than their hands. And the other negative I have is management of tills. There is never enough tills open and then on top of that you feel pressured to pack your items quick. If those two things got resolved I would have nothing else to criticise. AniMoh
  • I used to think the prices were great at Lidl but they are certainly creeping up of late so I no longer make a specific trip there which I used to. I do like to have a hunt through the middle aisles where the weekly deals & completely random items are. It's a bit of a treasure hunt! You can pick up fab promotional deals but you have to get there early on the day of release if it is something you really want. You can also get bargain deals from voucher codes online, so make sure to always search for those. The staff are quite nice in our local, even though they are super fast on the checkouts they still smile & are polite, unlike our Aldi! SandyRhodes
  • i like Lidl, they have a lot of really good food similar to the branded food, I would much rather go to Lidl with a couple of pound to buy food for the week than go to another supermarket and spend twice the money. My only problem with Lidl is that the prices of some products are starting to creep up and the store always seems to be in a rush, I do not like that when you're at the tills you don't get a lot of time to pack your shopping, you have to throw them all in the basket and get out of the way for the next person. However I do like the DIY and clothing ranges in store, they are a reasonable price and do the job well, I bought a step ladder from there once and it has lasted me really well so far. I would recommend it to people on a tight budget and also search for voucher codes on sites like Latest Deals for some money off. DannyA
  • Lidl is good but unfortunately their fruit has been a disappointment on the last few shops. They have a variety of goods and i like the fact that their personal items are cruelty free and they have great features for sale at great prices as well as online discount codes with good deals which range from clothes to electrics. Love the Silvercrest brand. The ingredients can be a problem to read sometimes due to products from other countries but overall its good. Staff happy to help. @gulnazimaanammaar
  • Up until the last 3 years, there has never been a Lidl store local to where I live. Since it has opened it's store here, I have only visited Lidl a handful of times. The prices are fab, so I have not felt a need for vouchers as such but I've see really fantastic deals from online voucher codes which can help if you're on a tight budget. The bakery is what love the most - I absolutely love the fresh bakery it has, namely the fresh pizzas 😍 The thing that puts me off from Lidl tho, is it seems way too cluttered and unorganised. Although the shelves are regularly fully stocked up, there's always shopping cages and empty boxes and unattended trolleys and unpacked stock in aisles. It is a handy store, and prices prety good, but i think its just the general clutter which is a bit off putting. NijKay

🗓 When are new Lidl Offers discount codes added?

On average a new discount code for Lidl Offers is shared every 281 days. In total we have had 4 new promo codes for Lidl Offers. Get vouchers.

👍 How do I find a working Lidl Offers coupon code?

We have over one million members regularly sharing, updating and expiring Lidl Offers codes to make sure they work.

🛍 What are the best Lidl Offers offers?

As well as vouchers, our members have also shared loads of Lidl Offers deals and offers. See them here.

💵 What can I save by using a voucher at Lidl Offers?

The best discount for Lidl Offers we have at the moment is £5 off.

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You can sign up for a free Latest Deals account and share any Lidl Offers codes you find. To thank people for sharing we reward our members with Amazon vouchers.

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We recommend signing up for Latest Deals which will automatically subscribe you to our email newsletter. Every day we send out a lovingly handcrafted email with the best deals and offers (including Lidl Offers). Alternatively you can download the Latest Deals app.
What people think of Lidl Offers
4 days ago
You needed to have a ticket to buy one in store I waited two hours to be told this when I was with the first 3 customers to go in store when they first opened from the staff to say they sold out 6am this morning which is not in opening hours its false advertising!!!
1 month ago
Lidl usually have some good offers on in their events special buyers etc. The bakery does nice fresh bread and decent priced too Veg and fruit is hit and miss with quality They offer a range of gluten free items and also branded items now and again. Their pull ups are good quality never had issue with them the toiletries and cleaning products are also good too. They do not offer online delivery for some items like others do maybe that might change in the future. Prices are good fair for most items.
1 month ago
Between Aldi and Lidl, I prefer personally their offers. I love their weekly themed taste offers which is like traveling around the world. I take much with these offers as sometimes I can not find it with other retailers. Their price is competitive from meat, fruits and veggies, grocery to cupboard items... They offer also big brands that come in lesser price than leading stores. the quality is not substandard too..
1 month ago
There isn’t one thing I can fault them on, as soon as a few people start to queue there is another till open. The staff have been there for years , and over time they recognise me,and smile. The prices are amazing , I always fill my trolley, without breaking the bank.Actually I remembered something I didn’t like, when they have muddle isle offers they never seem to have any left by the time it’s my turn . Other that that would highly recommend it .
1 month ago
I do most of my food shopping here, and find the prices are mostly cheaper than larger chain shops. I don't spend so much on food shopping as there is less variety of the same thing. My downfall is the middle aisle, they have some great deals and I buy things I don't always need! I've bought amongst others, a sound bar, tower speaker and a sewing machine for my wife, all are good quality at excellent prices, and have a guarantee. Also the quality of their food is very good, apart from the fruit and veg, which doesn't last as long as it should. The in store bakery has lovely bread, cookies and pastries too. The only negative I have is that there is never enough tills open.
2 months ago
I love lidl, i use this shop daily for all my needs, they have great offers on all the time and the prices are so good! I would be lost without this shop, i have never had any problems with them, ive returned products which was a very easy process, and had refunds which again was very simple, i love the weekend seals and the middle of lidl deals!! Their customer service is fantastic..
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