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Working NOW TV Vouchers and Promo Codes for May 2019

NOW TV is a set-top box for your television which gives you access to BBC iPlayer and other smart TV apps. It also sells monthly TV packages, such as Sky Sports, Sky Entertainment and Sky Movies. With a Now TV voucher code, you can get a discount on these monthly packages (and the box itself). It's especially good for Children's TV. Very popular with Latest Deals' members because there is no subscription needed. You can just buy a 3-month pass if you like. Here, you'll find all the latest NOW TV discount codes and promos shared by our community of bargain hunters.

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20% of Sky Sports Day Pass
Save 20% on a Sky Sports Day PassGet the best Sky Sports action for 24 glorious hours for less. Buy your pass and activate whenever you’re ready. There’s more sport than you can... Read more
29th Mar
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Exclusive20% offSky Sports Day Pass
Exclusive 20% off Sky Sports Day Pass at NOW TV - New Customers OnlyHere's how to use the codeCopy the code (long press to select)Click the link above to continue to the merchant... Read more
TV & Film
21st Jan
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Sky Sports for £1
Exclusive Sky Sports Mobile Month Pass for £1 (Worth £5.99 per Month) at NOW TV Great price only limited time... Read more
23rd Dec 2018
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20% off Sky Sports Day Pass
Available to new NOW TV customers signing up at nowtv.com with the relevant unique code and entering via www.nowtv.com/promo/sportsday20. Usual price £7.99. 18+. UK only. NOW TV... Read more
20% off
TV & Film
3rd Jan

Other information

  • Now TV is something I've recently obtained, both an entertainment pass and a Sky cinema pass. Both have a good variety of programmes and films to watch, however, I've found that Netflix has been better for me and more worth the money. I have missed out on the Spring Sale as I have already had my passes but anyone who wants to sign up then do so now as they have a 2 for 1 offer on their passes. They also offer free trials but if you don't like it or if it's not for you, cancel before the month has ended. You can also get good deals and discounts from online voucher codes from sites like Latest Deals. The Now TV player is great, it's good quality and easy to pause, forward and rewind etc. The big set back is that they don't have subtitles available. This is quite shocking to me as it seems very behind with technology when they can't provide something so simple. I can't say it's the best, but it's worth a trial if you've not yet tried it. Becky3012
  • I had a free entertainment pass for Now TV from the recent McDonald's promotion and it has been okay but like others said I prefer Netflix as it is easier to use and has more choices. It was easy to set up my new account from the promotion and I did enjoy having the free opportunity to try it out. I think the different passes make it a bit strange and so maybe that's another reason I didn't quite get on with it. I've seen some good offers from online discount codes that you may want to checkout if you're interested though. Freebiesarefun
  • I've recently signed up for Now TV through the McDonald monopoly deal, although I don't think I will be continuing my subscription once the free month ends or think twice if I can find a special offer from voucher codes online. I think the range of movies is very good but by paying £9.99 a month, you'd expect to get access to all the entertainment packages rather than just movies. I think the general cost of what you're paying compared to what you get is rather poor, considering you get more from Netflix for a cheaper price. Mashleigh
  • I have had Now TV for about 2 years now. I think its a fantastic little box that opens up the opportunity to so many new TV programmes and films. I brought it when they had the promotion of getting 3 months for free. I love the variety of choice you get with the Now TV box and the chance to add or remove the options that you want. As I also have Amazon Prime and Netflix, I decided leave Now TV, when I messaged them to let them know they gave me another 3 months for free! Like any person would I enjoyed those extra months. It really does depend on what you are looking for, Now TV does offer a lot and you can even get discounts from online voucher codes. At one point it was my favourite because i found Netflix didn't offer a lot but then they upped their game and so I went back. The good thing though about Now TV is that you don't need to have a pay monthly subscription, you can just buy the passes for what ever entertainment, sports or kids etc... and that's done until you want another. zararoberts86
  • I used Now TV for about 8 months. I got it especially for my grandson for the kids passes, the cinema package for myself, and the sports package for my son. I stopped using it as I found it was getting more expensive as time went on even if there are offers from online discount codes. They are not very competitive compared to other companies and I switched to Netflix plus I have Amazon Prime so I take advantage of their free video streaming for both myself and the little one as I pay for it anyway and doesn't cost me anymore. I think they should consider a plan to include combined packages instead of charging for them individually and more people would stay with them as it is just getting too expensive to purchase them all individually. SRFMLY