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Working Pets at Home Vouchers and Promo Codes for May 2019


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10% off Pets at Home
10% off when you spend £50+*10% off is available on orders of £50 or more and can be redeemed against orders made between midnight Sunday 5th August 2018 and midnight Tuesday 7th... Read more
10% off
Home & Garden
6th Aug 2018
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Pets at Home
Join today and get 10% off online then 10% off in store, too. Enjoy tailored offers, news and tips. Plus, every swipe of your VIP card helps animals in need near you.... Read more
2nd Aug 2018

How to redeem Pets at Home vouchers?


  • Select the voucher code of your choice at www.latestdeals.co.uk then head on to petsathome.com.
  • Choose the corresponding item for your voucher or the items you want to buy and click "Add to Basket".
  • When you're done shopping click "My Basket" found at the top right corner of the page and then click "Vie Shopping Basket" to checkout.
  • Enter your postcode or town then click "Submit".
  • Fill in your deliver option and click "Continue".
  • Fill in your billing address.
  • On the right side of the Shipping & Delivery page, you will see the box labelled as "Enter Promotion Code", type in or paste your voucher code in the box provided and click "Update". Your total will be adjusted accoprdingly.
  • Click "Continue" to finalize your order.
  • Enjoy your discount!

Other information

  • I like pets at home for the products they sell. They usually have decent prices and often post voucher codes online if you have a store card. HOWEVER, the staff are NOT qualified to be advising the public on their pets. Particularly flea treatments and nutrition. They also look after the animals horrifically and will sell the animals to anyone without prior checks and without properly advising on how to look after said animals. I believe staff need much better training but the products they sell are often okay. Mashleigh
  • I do shop at Pets at Home regularly but mainly for convenience rather than the value for money. I do find them more expensive than ordering products online where you can even get the convenience of free delivery from online voucher codes. I do however make it a little trip out to see the animals with my daughter. The animals always seem well looked after, happy and healthy. The staff seem knowledgeable on the pets they have in and I particularly like that they will adopt animals that are no longer wanted and try to find them new homes. lauraddd
  • Pets at Home is one of my favourite shops in the world. I love animals and although prices are a little more expensive than other shops, they have some products at a really great price and some exclusive products as well as savings from discount codes online. I’ve only ever bought one guinea pig there as a companion to my other one after his cage mate died. They usually only sell guinea pigs in pairs (which is a fantastic thing because they’re social animals). On this occasion, I explained my situation and we chose a little male piggy. The person that sold him to me asked me lots of questions and went through lots of information and caring plans and after dedicating 2 years studying guinea pigs in college, I knew everything he said was accurate. They also do a free health check for the first few months in case you feel anything is wrong. On a separate note, they have a VIP club. This benefits animals so much because every point you earn, goes straight to an animal charity and helps them all. You also get exclusive offers and discount vouchers and you get a free VIP magazine. Honestly a great company and they have stores almost everywhere so very convenient Becky3012
  • I’d like to give a positive review of Pets at Home but it’s hard. I use them a lot due to having a bearded dragon and a kitty. But whenever there is any issuers with the dragon - needs a new heat bulb they never have any in stock. The live bugs seem to die very quick if you don’t buy them the day they arrive in store. The cat side really never had an issue as it’s a bit easier lots of choice of food. Only cheap when they have really good offers and if you use online voucher codes. Rest of time I find they are expensive. Overall I’d not recommend Pets at Home but sometimes needs is a must and you have no choice but to go to them rainydayas
  • Pets at Home are great because they have a good choice of pets you can purchase or adopt. there are cold fish, tropical fish, rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, rats, live food for reptiles. what i found helpful was when purchasing tropical fish they will inform you of which ones can be in a tank together, how many to have, what food they need and any other care issues. I have their loyalty card which is great, they send out vouchers for money off products every month or so. Ifyou sign up to their website and add all your animals with their birthdays they send a card out for the birthday pet with a coupon for a free product for them which you can just go in and get without having to purchase anything. It's a great touch and it keeps customers going in there. they have a lot of promotions and 3 for price of 2 on certain things as well as good deals from voucher codes you can find online. When you purchase from there you know you are getting a trustworthy item. They now have a instore vet section which provides many services and offers on those which is certainly an added bonus. zararoberts86
  • Pets At Home is my go to place for dog toys and chews. I give them to my parents dog for his birthday and Christmas and as he plays with them so much and they last I know they are good quality and hard wearing. You can also get pretty good deals from online discount codes, which is always great. The staff are helpful at advising what is best for the size of the dog, and as he is on a special food diet what treats he would be allowed. Overall an easy shopping experience and I always like to go and see the cute guinea pigs at the back. Freebiesarefun
  • The prices at Pets At Home are slightly higher than other supermarkets or online. But I do shop there every time my vouchers come or when I find a fantastic discount code offer online! This is because the VIP scheme is fantastic. I get sent vouchers off products my cat likes so with these I get good deals. I also love getting an additional voucher on my cat’s birthday and the fact that you can collect points that go towards charity. Without the VIP scheme I wouldn’t be shopping here much. Staff have been friendly when I’ve shopped there but on a few occasions now I have been served by staff who really don’t know what they’re doing! This has messed up my vouchers and in the end I just had to return everything and lose my vouchers. AniMoh
  • Pets at Home is fantastic! I have shopped there many times, always something to get my purse out! Great deals from online voucher codes or when they have sales on and also a V.I.P member. My local one is just a 10 minute bus ride down the road, although they have relocated.. It isn't that much further. The only products I don't purchase from them is Cat Trees, as think their overpriced. I purchased from another retailer and it was much larger, for a great price. ScotsChick
  • I don't have a pet but I shop for my sis in laws gorgeous dog every Christmas from Pets at Home. They can sometimes be a little bit expensive but when buying for someone else's pet I like to know I am purchasing good quality safe items and you get that from Pets at Home. You can however get money saving deals from voucher codes you can find online. I love their selection, their store is huge and so well stocked and you could literally spend hundreds at a time there is so much to choose from My number one pet store for buying gifts for pets. Staff are always great and friendly and so helpful too, lovely store to shop in. SRFMLY