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How to redeem Poundstretcher vouchers?


  • Select your Poundstretcher voucher code here at LatestDeals.co.uk and head on to Poundstretcher.co.uk.
  • Select the corresponding item or offer for your voucher to check its stock and availability and to find your local Poundstretch store using their Store Finder tool.
  • You may redeem your voucher in-store upon purchase.

Other information

  • Although it's not a place I will go out my way to go to, I honestly think it's a shop that I should be using more often. They regularly do have good offers on snacks which I buy every so often to stock up for work. I'v not not had experience either way in terms if customer service as the products are there and never had a need for help with anything. I think it's a good store that's perhaps understated and you can always take advantage of online discount codes if you want some money off on your purchases. NijKay
  • I like Poundstretcher because you can get such a wide range of different products at very reasonable prices as well as discounts from online voucher codes. They stock everything from tools to shampoo to sweets chocolate crisps and sweets. At my local branch parking is very easy and right outside. I have a list of items I regularly buy from there as they are either good value, for example larger packs than in the supermarket, or they stock some items I’m not able to find anywhere else. Staff have always seemed knowledgeable on stock and location. HayleyReevesHec
  • I was disappointed when our Poundstretcher closed as I think it is a really good shop, It always had great prices and online discount codes on canned drinks & snack foods. They had a very affordable garden range too. I always go in a Poundstretcher if I am in a different town as you never know what you will find in the reduced section. It's usually heavily discounted branded foods and it is the perfect way to stock up on sweets & treats. The staff in store never seem very friendly though and I have been in many! They just serve you without any chat but that's just one of those things I guess. I have never needed to return anything which I think goes to show you are happy with the quality for the price you have paid. SandyRhodes
  • I have loved Poundstretcher since I was a child and still do now. I love our local store. It is always well stored and they run some great promotions, and you can also find bargain deals from online voucher codes. I love their kitchenware items and have saved a lot of money purchasing from them. I always buy their storage boxes from them too as they are great quality, great prices and last for ever. I especially love shopping in their stores at Christmas time, great for buying treats for the kids and their staff are always so friendly and helpful, cannot fault them at all. SRFMLY
  • PoundStretcher has some items that are more expensive than in other shops but also some that are way cheaper. You have to do your research online before you buy anything otherwise you end up spending loads more than you would have done if you went to another store. They have some well priced branded food items and this is mainly what I buy there as I can check the price comparison website. There are two branches local to me and staff are friendly and they always open extra tills if there is a big queue. Overall a great shop. Freebiesarefun
  • Poundstretcher can have a lot of great stuff or a lot of tat! It's a wide versatile shop with a variety of products, many items can be really nice and well prices but also there can be a lot of tat I say, which is neither here or there. its the kind of shop you go into but you don't know what will or wont be there. I have brought quite a bit from there over the years but also at times gone in there with high hopes of seeing nice things but been disappointed. I think they do offer competitive prices but at time you get what you pay for. they are generally large stores so you can have a long mingle about to see whats on offer and I must say that they do have many items at reduced prices too. I love the pet range which I have brought dog beds from and food as it a fantastic selection. They always have a wide amount of food and sweets too which my son takes advantage of! And you can always find good deals from online voucher codes. zararoberts86
  • Poundstrecher is a good shop for small things for the household and garden. Whenever I find one, I always get out of the shop with full bag of little things. Some stuff is so cheap, especially if you have discount codes which you can get in Latest Deals, so I feel that I have saved some money with the help of Poundstrecher. The customer service is ok. Not great, not bad. They just do their job and probably serve too many customers to be super friendly, but you do not expect them to be so. They have a wide range of products and I always find something nice or super cheap. Happy with the company overall. themystery3
  • Poundstretcher is an odd shop. It's difficult to class it as any type. They offer such a wide selection of goods they are almost like a mini department store ! I have a branch on my high street and is always called into during shopping trips. It has the attraction of Aldi in that you never know what you will find. Although there is an abundance of quality discount goods, sometimes there are items that can be purchased cheaper online. I would recommend checking higher value items online first. They are fantastic value when it comes to drinks snacks & chocolates and you can always get bargain deals with voucher codes online. I purchased two stand alone radiators during the winter for a spare room. I was and still am happy with the purchase. To summarise i would recommend Poundstretcher for value on some items. Shop with care ! Mrmac
  • Hhhmmmm Poundstretcher, bit of a hit and miss. Sometimes you can get some real bargains, especially with online discount codes, but other times things can be the same price as the supermarkets. In my local one even when buying things at full price you have to check the dates as they don't put signs up for dated stock. I don't mind buying things past their best but I'm not paying full price for them. You really do have to be careful in there. They sell an array of products from confectionery to knitting wool and everything in between. They are good for little kitchen bits like cheap tubs etc. It's good to have a look round. I always leave with something. funwithlisa

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We have over one million members regularly sharing, updating and expiring Poundstretcher codes to make sure they work.

What are the best Poundstretcher offers?

As well as vouchers, our members have also shared loads of Poundstretcher deals and offers. See them here.

What can I save by using a voucher at Poundstretcher?

Visit Poundstretcher and see what deals and offers they have at the moment.

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What people think of Poundstretcher
a year ago
If you are looking for cheap stuff as a stocking filler for Christmas or anything else like that take a tenner in and fill your boots. The weird and wacky stuff you can find is amazing and walk out with stuff you didnt think you needed and probably still don't. I would recommend them though.
a year ago
I tend to use Poundstretcher predominantly for snack and treat buying. It is less reliable for me to be able to do a proper weekly food shop, but it's nice to pop in for a treat, as the range of sweets and crisps is usually extensive and well stocked. It's also a very good place to pick up cheap Christmas wrapping, decorations and cards.
a year ago
I love shopping here. Everything from cleaning products to lamps, pictures and duvets. I particularly like their garden section, usually buying pots and seeds. The prices very reasonable and i do get the odd bargain. The furniture is of fair quality for the money too. Never had a problem returning goods, always getting a replacement or refund, but they do ask you to sign a form with your address (presume this is to stop people stealing goods and taking back for a refund) They occasionally have reduced goods, so worth a look when your in store.
a year ago
Never tried ordering online but once in awhile I go to their shop, yes and yes I find their products cheaper than other but there are some products are a bit low quality in a way.. I usually get my diys here apart from hobbycraft.. it is truly a budget friendly one stop shop.
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