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How to submit a deal on Latest Deals

How to submit a deal on Latest Deals

Have you found a money saving tip and want to share it with members on Latest Deals? Great!

Submitting a deal is easy. Here is a quick link to where you can post a deal.

Step 1. Click 'Share +' on the top

  • If you're on mobile or tablet, the only difference in this entire thing is that you have to click the three lines on the top left, and then you'll see at the bottom, 'Share' (normally yellow).

To share a deal, click 'Share' at the top of the page

To share a deal, click 'share' which is at the top of the page, on the blue bar. If you click this link here, you'll be taken there too.

Step 2. Click 'Deal'


You'll be asked, "What would you like to share?". Click 'Deal' (or, if it's a competition, voucher code (or coupon), or freebie; click that instead).

You can also jump straight there by clicking this link.

Step 3. Copy & Paste the link to your deal


The next step is to copy and paste the link to your deal. If it's online, this is the website address to the exact product page. This is also called the URL.

Step 4. Give your deal a title


What is your deal? Say in your own words. For example, 'Nappies reduced from £10 to £1', or '50-inch HDTV just £1 with free delivery', or '5-Piece Sauce Pan and Frying Pan Set Deal - save 90%':

Example of a title for a deal

Step 5. Write a description


In your own words, write a description of your deal.

  • Where is it?
  • What is it?
  • How much is the saving?
  • What is delivery?

Keep it simple and write it yourself. Do not copy and paste descriptions, because these rarely help people understand what the deal is.

Step 6. Add an image


Your deal needs to have a picture - you want people to see what it is easily. You have two options:

a) Upload an image

b) Add an image by the URL

How to upload an image

To get the image of the deal onto your computer or phone, first you must download it. In many cases you can right-click > save image as > save to Downloads.

Once the image is in your downloads folder, you can upload it to Latest Deals by clicking 'Upload image'.

How to add an image by URL

You can also add an image from a website if you can find the URL to it. Most of the time, you can do this by right click > Copy Image Address and then click Add Image URL and paste it.

Other ways to get images for your deals

If you're on an Apple Mac, you can screenshot the image, CMD + SHIFT ^ + 4. Then select what you want to take a picture of and it will save it to your desktop.

Step 6. Choose a category


What type of product is it? Choose the most relevant category, or if you can't find it, put it in 'Other'.

Step 7. Add an expiry date


Most deals, sales, voucher codes and special offers expire. If you know when your deal runs out, add the expiry date. Your deal will expire at midnight, at the end of the day you select. If you don't know, leave this - it is optional.

Step 8. Click 'Share Deal'

Once you're finished, click 'Share Deal'. If everything is OK (we check for spam, naughty things and duplicates), it'll be posted on to Latest Deals and you will see it immediately. Thank you for submitting a post!

I posted a deal, but now it's disappeared, what happened?

Latest Deals automatically screens for naughty things. Sometimes your deal may go into a moderation queue. In this case, it will 'disappear' from the site.

We usually get it up and working within a few hours, Monday - Friday. There's no need to write to us or to ask - everything is OK. 99% of the time, it's fine and we will approve it.

If it's been more than 24 hours, you can send a message here. Please describe what your deal was, and we'll take a look.

Want to post a deal? Give it a go now!

8 January 2017, 4:23 pm
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