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Only individuals can share deals

We want LatestDeals.co.uk to be a place people trust to find genuine deals. This means we don’t allow companies to share their own products/services.

If you are a retailer and want to share your products on LatestDeals.co.uk then please get in touch. Note, we will always reserve editorial control and only post deals good for our members.

The bigger the saving, the better

Anyone can find a deal that’s 10% off in a supermarket, but not anyone can find a deal that’s 70% off a sought-after brand. The bigger the saving, the better.

Freebies are free

If you've found a freebie that requires a spend (e.g. Spend £30 get a free tiger) please share this as a deal rather than a freebie - you'll be keeping our freebie hunters happy! 🙂

Give clear and detailed descriptions

Where can you find the deal? Is it in-store, nationwide or online? How much was it and how much is it now? Do you have to pay for postage? Give clear and detailed descriptions. We'd much rather have too much detail than be short on it.

Simple titles

A good title answers three things: What is the deal, where is it, and how much is the saving? For example, Trainer Clearance Sale at Nike, up to 99% off!

Relevant photos

If you submit an online deal, we'll try to automatically find a relevant photo. If we can’t, please upload one. If you submit an in-store deal, please upload a photo.


Try to find the best fitting category for your deal. If you really must, you can always put it under 'Other'

Duplicate deals (first come, first served)

It wouldn’t be a very helpful place if the whole site was flooded with the same deal. Because of that we’ve agreed that duplicate deals are dealt with on a first-come-first-served basis. If you’re quick off the mark and spot the bargain first then you get to keep the points.

How long before I can re-post a deal?

This question is open to discussion. The general understanding amongst our community is that a deal may be re-posted after 30 days. However, you may ask for your post to be "refreshed". For example, if you spent a long time crafting a great piece of timeless advice, it is better to have yours than a lower quality post. Just tag a Mentor in the comments and ask.

My deal is cheaper than one already on the site. Can I post it?

If you've found a deal that's significantly cheaper than one that's already on the site, you can post it:

  • Press 'Share' and post the URL to the deal
  • It may respond with Whoops it looks like this has already been shared?
  • Press NEXT to continue posting your deal anyway


  • ⚠️ Please note, this does NOT work with Amazon deals. If you're trying to post an Amazon deal but it's already on the site, the NEXT button will not appear due to technical reasons.
  • Instead, you'll need to wait until the other post is expired. Read: How to mark a post as expired

💁🏻 You could also comment on a deal to inform the original poster that the price has changed.

Second-hand stuff

Whilst we’ve nothing against second hand stuff we do ask that any deal on the site is available to the masses - if you’ve found someone selling a cheap TV on eBay then, unless they’ve got a bunch of them to flog, we’d ask you share it in the chat section rather than as a deal.

Referral links

We had a bit of a group discussion amongst the community and the general consensus was that there are already a bunch of great places to share/trade referral links online. Because of that we've decided to keep LatestDeals.co.uk a referral-link-free zone!

UK sites

Please try and stick to UK only sites. If it is an international site, it needs to have prices available in GBP £, and international shipping information. Examples of international sites we accept are GearBest and AliExpress.

Registered and Established Businesses Only

In the interest of safety for our members, please only share deals from registered and established retailers. The business should have a company number and full address and contact details readily available, plus a VAT registration number. We do not accept posts to individual eBay listings.

Things we say no to

We may have to remove your deal if we feel it doesn't fit in with the values of the community. Here are some of the things that'll get you in the bad books:

  • Self-promotion, links to your own goods and services (if you’re a brand, get in touch with us directly)
  • Free eBooks (there are tens of thousands available and you find them all on Amazon.co.uk)
  • Pornography, illegal goods and services
  • Copyright infringing content such as torrent sites as way to watch films for free
  • Unknown or unverified software (stuff that isn't mainstream)
  • Multiple accounts (this will result in an instant ban)
  • Political and religious conversation (please see this chat topic as to why we've introduced this rule)


Rewarding points and Amazon vouchers is our way of giving back to the community. However, any attempted manipulation of your points score, for example, by spamming the site with useless comments, may result in a permanent ban and the loss of any points.