Latest Deals, this deal hunting community, hits 300,000 members. The website is fast growing into the UK's favourite.
Supermarket Gaffes: Shoppers Reveal Massive Pricing Mistakes
Sometimes supermarkets just get it wrong. Very wrong. On the Latest Deals Facebook Group, members have revealed pricing mistakes which will make you laugh.
Aldi Controversy: Strongbow or Taurus?
Aldi is at the heart of a viral controversy on Facebook, with shoppers debating whether Taurus, a cheaper version of Strongbow, is worth the price.
Mega Cheddar Bargain Spotted in Tesco
A savvy shopper has spotted massive blocks of Cathedral City Mature Cheddar are reduced half price in Tesco. The price is now £5 per kilo instead of £10.
Coffee being sold as 100% Arabica actually contains as much as 21% Robusta beans, which are cheaper
BT to Bring Call Centres Back to the UK
BT is aiming to have all calls answered in a UK call centre by 2020