Sophie Alderton, 40, made a fancy dress station for her kids for just £20 from a £5 cabinet she found on Facebook Marketplace.
Woman receives massive LG smart fridge freezer for FREE - here’s how she did it
Danni Cross, 34, won an enormous LG smart fridge freezer for FREE. She applied for the freebie after hearing about it on the Free Stuff, Samples & Coupons UK Group.
Man gets £30 worth of food - including two kilos of chicken - for £3
Jonathan Hanson, 36, got £30 of food for just £3.09, including chicken, mince pies, fruit and veg and crisps for a few quid. He used the Too Good To Go app, which offers Morrisons boxes worth up to £30 for just £3.09.
Della Nolan, 37, was quoted £7,500 for a Wickes bathroom. Della sourced her own materials and paid a friend to fit the bathroom. The entire project came to less than half of the original quote.
Mum creates amazing space for young son out of box room
Charlotte Greedy, 27, made a box room into a gorgeous bedroom using materials from Ebay, Argos and IKEA.