Mum of three Samantha Watkins, 40, hosted a big birthday bash for her nan. Samantha stuck to a strict budget and managed to cater the event for just £2 a head.
Mum and daughter transform coffee table for £27 using this bargain material
Korena Jones, 50, wanted a new coffee table, but instead of spending £150, she and her daughter Sarah transformed their existing table using £9 Fablon
Mum bags £20 worth of food for just £3 using this clever trick
Amy Barnett, 26, bagged a Morrisons “magic box” for just £3.09 full of cakes, fruit and veg and rolls. She will keep some and donate the rest to a food bank.
Mum creates amazing outdoor area in just two weeks on a budget
Rochelle Dare, 31, totally transformed her outdoor area in two weeks using leftover home renovation materials such as weatherboards, oak timber and recycled windows to upcycle the area. She completed the project for around £1,000, a huge saving on hiring contractors.
Danni Cross, 34, won an enormous LG smart fridge freezer for FREE. She applied for the freebie after hearing about it on the Free Stuff, Samples & Coupons UK Group.
Man gets £30 worth of food - including two kilos of chicken - for £3
Jonathan Hanson, 36, got £30 of food for just £3.09, including chicken, mince pies, fruit and veg and crisps for a few quid. He used the Too Good To Go app, which offers Morrisons boxes worth up to £30 for just £3.09.