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The Stock Checker helps you find stock. Whether you're looking for the Nintendo Switch, Hatchimals, or something else we'll help you find online stores with stock to sell.

The Stock Checker is completely FREE to use. You can opt to get automatic browser alerts, stock alerts straight to your e-mail inbox or both!

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Frequency Asked Questions

How does the Stock Checker work?

We automatically check all of the retailers websites every minute of the day. As soon as we detect stock we update the website to let everyone know. By tracking stock automatically like this we save you the hassle of manually refreshing shop pages hunting for stock.

How do I know when my product is in stock?

We have two ways of alerting you to new stock at the moment. The first is via our website. You can leave the page open and, when we find stock, we'll alert you in the browser with a popup message and, if you're using a laptop or desktop we'll play a sound too. The second is via email. You can subscribe for email alerts and we'll message you as soon as the product' stock status changes.

Can you track the stock of other products?

Of course! We try and keep up to date with the most difficult to find products but if there's something we've missed that you'd like included please contact us and let us know!

Retailers we monitor

Retailers we monitor for stock