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Who are we?

LatestDeals.co.uk has three co-founders: Deepak Tailor, Tom Kelsey, and Tom Church. It started in 2016 and is the UK’s fastest growing site of its kind.

It began in a Brazilian steak house when Deepak Tailor and Tom Church were complaining about how hard it was to find a good deal or voucher code. At the same time, Tom Kelsey was building a website trying to solve the same problems.

In August 2016 we joined forces and LatestDeals was born.

What makes us different?

Three things. First, LatestDeals is a personal deal site. You choose what you’re interested in. Select topics of interest, follow favourite brands and members, find what you want. Second, LatestDeals is a community. Leading money savers have been part of our story from the beginning. It’s been made together, as a team. Third, LatestDeals is built on trust. We put our names and faces on the site because it makes us accountable. We are only as good as our latest deal. You can like and review deals (and very much encouraged to do so!) to help others.