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The Future of Saving Money and The Grand Plan

The Future of Saving Money and The Grand Plan

What is the future of Latest Deals? 

Written by Tom

In two, five and 10 years time, what will bargain hunting look like? What will LatestDeals.co.uk look like? 

Robots, computers and artificial intelligence will play a part. And until now, these grand visions have been locked up, hidden away for fear of being too grand, too yeah-right, too dream on mate...

But I think it's time to peel back the curtain. To invite you in. To show you a peek of the The Grand Plan

The Grand Plan

The overarching destiny is to help people save money on what they buy. We want to focus on that one thing and do it better than anyone else. 

To achieve this there are two main parts:

  1. Connect like-minded people to share information
  2. Create tools to support their efforts

Connect Like-Minded People To Share Information

LatestDeals.co.uk, first and always, is a community. A group of people who are interested in saving money on what they buy (among other things). 

Being together we can learn and help each other. And it happens naturally, without any pushing or governance. You put a dozen people with the same interests in a room together and great things can happen. 

Create Tools That Support Our Efforts

This second part, creating tools, is where the future of saving money, bargain hunting and LatestDeals.co.uk will go. Robots, computers and artificial intelligence enter the stage here - not to take over, but to support us in becoming super money savers and deal hunters.

The first glimpse of this was Kelsey's marvellous Domino's Pizza Voucher tool. Pop in your post code and out comes all the discount codes. 

This tool is far beyond anything else out there. Approximately 20,000 people use it every week.

But how could we take this idea further? 

What if:

  • You could find every voucher code for every thing
  • You could see a price history for every product
  • You could take a photo of a product and see where it's cheapest

Going beyond this, what if:

  • You could predict when something would be the cheapest
  • You could ask a robot to find the best deal for you
  • You saved money automatically

However, I don't think these are what if questions. These are when questions. 

The future of saving money and deal hunting:

Bring like-minded people together and create advanced tools that support our efforts. 

Most other sites focus on one thing or the other. Some are just big groups, others are just big tools. It'd be more beneficial to combine the two. 

But what do you think? How do you feel bargain hunting, freebies, coupons, voucher codes and saving money will change? 

Thank you for being a part of this journey. It's not a quick one, but it does become more interesting at every turn.

Photo: Tom, Kelsey and Deepak holding LatestDeals.co.uk mugs, designed by fellow member NemoSays

April 13, 2017, 8:52 AM
What do you think of this?
nemosaysover a year ago

Awww lovely pic! 😄 A good thread for us like-minded money saving, savvy buyers. LD has grown so much already and I see nothing more than more progress and succession towards your vision and path for money saving Tom . Wishing you all the best and my support is always with you all at LD 👍 ❤️

Grannyclockover a year ago

As I see it, saving money is a time-consuming business and LD goes a long way towards helping us by doing lots of the 'legwork'. Anything that saves time is a great step forward. Young people trying to juggle work and families in particular do not have the time to search for bargains, so having it all in one place is a great asset. Onwards and upwards LD.

over a year ago

Thank you for your feedback, it's very much appreciated.

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