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12 Examples of How To Write a Brilliant Title



I've received a few messages asking for help / advice in writing good, catchy titles. Here are 12 examples of great titles:


1. Women's Parka Jacket for £5 with FREE Delivery

2. Clinique Beauty Box for £20 with delivery!

3. Half Price Happyland Cottage at Mothercare

4. Pampers Nappies (198 Pack) for £5.65 at Amazon

5. Cotton Rich Cardigan only £8 at Marks & Spencer

6. Half Price Toys at Wilko! Free C&C

7. EasyJet Sale March-June 2017 starts 6th October!

8. Half Price Duracell Ultra Power AA Batteries

9. Kid's Caterpillar Rocker only £2.93 (collect in-store)

10. October flights to France just £16 return!

11. £100 off a Bosch vacuum. Now £69.99 with Free Delivery!

12. 15 Halloween Balloons for Party Fun just £1.39

Here are some examples of titles that are not so good...

a. Toshiba PX019281293 Laptop

b. Stella 14x120

c. Clarks Shoes

d. IDJFX Jewelry Gold Rings CZ Crystal

c. Beauty box

I want to help everyone get lots of attention to their deals. Good titles are the best way to do that. Have a go at keeping it simple: avoid product codes or funky things like 182ABJaf9... and think, how can I make this catchy?

"Reduced-to-clear Laptop only £15 with FREE Delivery" is better than..."ASOS PX5000 Ci3 Gobbidy plus bag"

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me anything. I'm always happy to (and often do) call you and chat on the phone!


What do you think of this?
nemosays7 months ago

Thanks for the tips Tom

Dread7 months ago

Tom Doesn't the link auto fill the retailer and there is a section to add the price when you post rather than it being in the title or it is repeated making the deal look weird ?

Sarah7 months ago

It would be great to have a 'Free Delivery' Icon to use, especially as the space for text is quite limited

Tom7 months ago
Kelsey7 months ago

Hi Sarah! That's a great idea - I'll have a think about where we could add an option into the share pages. Any ideas for an icon for free delivery? A truck?

nemosays7 months ago

Kelsey yes a truck with free delivery written on it or a stamp look free delivery text??

Sarah7 months ago

Kelsey Hi there a delivery truck in the emojis Tom just posted. Could that be used?

Johnny7 months ago
Johnny7 months ago

A truck

Rockman6 months ago

'Free Delivery' or 'Delivered' goes without saying if there's a shipping fee. Of course, including it in the title does make it look better.

Johnny6 months ago

I like 'Delivered'. Wish I'd thought of that. Thanks Rockman.