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My son can't have cows milk due to allergies so I was wondering what milk other people have tried and which tastes the best

1 year ago
What do you think of this?
Username501081 year ago

It really depends what it is going to be used on/in. If it's a lactose allergy you can get lactose free milk, but for dairy free, coconut or oat milk is the nicest from my experience, you can get some lovely chocolate flavoured oat milk too. Almond milk, it depends on the brand as same can have a strange after taste. Soya milk may appear too watery and if your son is prone to allergens, it may not be good as a lot of people are allergic to soy products. Asda do their own brand in a lot of dairy free milks now, also Lidl and Aldi, but they sell out fast. It will be trial and error but you will get there

Glitterandgold1 year ago

We use almond milk alot now, We just buy Tesco own brand. Unless the Alpo is on offer. (It is often) To be honest it took some getting used to but now I prefer it. Only use cows milk in my cuppas now.

ClaireF19781 year ago

Alpro Soya is OK. Oatly Barista I've found I'd best for a replacement in coffee, I don't think anything else comes close and it froths up nicely too.

lornaae1 year ago

I haven't tried this one personally but numerous friends have recommended Oatly to me, I think it depends on personal preference though soya, coconut and almond are nice alternatives (if he can have these) but each have a slightly different flavour so it's down to personal preference. I think lacto-free is a pretty good alternative if the others aren't any good or you want a closer match to the taste of cows milk. Hope you find something he likes 🙂

BonzoBanana1 year ago

Aria Lactofree milk is the nicest lactose free milk but the cheaper shop brand versions which I think are made in the UK at the Crediton dairy are ok. I don't like the Crediton milk in tea so much but fine for cereals, coffee etc. I've used soya, almond, oat, coconut milk substitutes and can have them in cereal but not tea or coffee. Most of the time I only have a bit of double cream in to have with coffee and don't have milk at all.

The issue I found was real milk products made me weak I had no obvious allergy beyond that but outside my house there is a steep path nearby that goes up a hill and without milk I can go up the hill in one go but with milk I'd often have to stop at least once. I just seem to feel a bit better avoiding lactose when I can.

However in my experience double cream is better purely because it has very little sugar at all but increased fat and I only have a little in hot drinks like coffee and prefer that to lactofree milk. Lactofree milk is still full of sugar compared to double cream and there is probably still more lactose in lactofree milk than double cream but that depends on the brand and how much lactose remains in their process you'd have to look at the labels.

KirstyW1 year ago

I use soya milk as my sister was using it. Was easier to take in tea but they say you have to try it 10 times to get used to it and i like it. I'm not allergic ive just never liked the taste. Oat milk is nice too. The supermarkets do their own versions now quite cheaply if you want to try a few

MeestairChrees1 year ago

What tastes best at pure milk, or in other things like cereal, coffee (not sure how old he is)?

hspexy1 year ago

I only like full fat cows milk, but some of the plant based ones i have tasted recently are quite good - like cashew, coconut and almond.

amaksy1 year ago

Almond, Oats, Rice, hazelnut etc there’s so many to choose from in the aisles. I usually opt for the unsweetened but even that is nice too

AgnesFaludi1 year ago

I think from some companies u can get samples if u write to them and see what he likes more.

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