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Amazon Intends to Share Your Internet, Here's How to Opt-Out

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I honestly never understood why people rely so heavily on AI to simply turn on/off the lights, listen to music, ask questions, watch TV, etc.

But, anyway, if you don't want your WiFi shared then opt-out.

Stuff from dystopian movies are all slowly being brought to life. 😐

2 weeks ago
What do you think of this?
Ann19842 weeks ago

I find these things for the born lazy. Were we not born with 2 legs and hands.

rossruby19772 weeks ago

I believe that’s just in American currently. But it will be happening here soon.

I think there will be no way off truly avoiding all of this now. Basically when you get one of their items that hooks up to the internet they have your information then they target you with stuff they think you want to buy. And also they can listen it. And it’s open to attack.

It’s scary really

I don’t like Alexa or Siri. And I don’t see why people want to sit there say switch on the lights. That can only benefit people with disabilities. Other people just get up and use the switch lol Image

davidstockport2 weeks ago

That switch is a good advert for switching things on and off remotely, if a switch is installed upside down don't go anywhere near any electrics installed by that installer.😀

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