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Amazon Prices Changing

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Anyone else noticed how often Amazon pricing changes?? I frequently add items to lists to buy later or add it to the basket, and by the time I come back to it (sometimes an hour later!), it has gone up in price.. anyone know why this is?? Maybe if it happened once, I would consider myself unlucky but it seems to happen on a regular basis..

17 days ago
What do you think of this?
SweetCinnamon16 days ago

This always happens - (I have a lot waiting in my basket) but for me it tends to be items decreasing in price (maybe only a few pence), I guess it depends on what products you're about to buy.

Johnny16 days ago

It's called Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing is a blanket term for any shopping experience where the price of an item fluctuates based on current market conditions. On Amazon, as well as multiple other marketplaces and e-commerce stores, dynamic pricing is utilised by retailers to optimise product prices (and their profit).

Basically Amazon track their sales minute by minute and continuously adjust their prices according to consumer demand for the product. So if you see a very good deal at Amazon you need to jump on it fast to secure that price, if the deal attracts lots of buyers, it'll push the price up until the demand slackens off again.

lornaae16 days ago

This can work to your advantage, if I see something I want I usually put it in my wish list or basket and keep an eye out to see if the price goes down. You can use a website called CamelCamelCamel to see an item price history on amazon which is really useful

Golfforall16 days ago

This also happens when Amazon (often the cheapest seller ) sells out of an item , the price then flips to a third party seller who are selling the item dearer . Combine with the dynamic pricing the price will often go up as the seller has nothing to price match .

Best way is to check the pricing trends on Camel ,Camel ,Camel , then you will often find that 10% off isn't really a good deal as it has often been 30% off on numerous occasions in the last few months .

I do this as a matter of course before posting any Amazon deal on here . Then I can be as sure as possible that any Amazon deal I post is a genuine deal compared to the price over the last few months .

Wish other deal posters would do the same , then I might be able to "like" a few more !

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