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American vs UK vs Aussie Culture?


Regarding American vs UK vs Aussie culture? What are some similarities and some major differences?

2 years ago
What do you think of this?
Johnny2 years ago

I suggest you kick this thread off with some similarities and some major differences that you have noticed.

PhilipMarc2 years ago

Well, Americans are generally in favor of freedom of speech, being able to own a gun for protection, defend what's theirs, stand their ground, be proud of speaking English (cause a lot there speak MX-ES) and they don't want to lose their ancestry, identity or pride. Most are also in favor that the wall be built because it helps protect from illegal citizens who'd enter the country without authorization and then who knows what they'd do.

Even those who preach open borders live behind big fenced walls so no one gets in, other than themselves and those who are invited. lol

Recently, a group of innocent kids with MAGA hats were vilified by the media and celebrities and instead of apologizing to the kids, they doubled down. They're apparently going to sue the media but haven't read on that.

Here's a video on that:

The media and celebs really hate the MAGA hats, especially if it's worn by Europeans.

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