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Anyone Else Sick of HUKD Controlling Their Speech?!


I don't know where to begin. Several times in the past year I've had comments removed on HUKD because it didn't adhere to their rules...the latest was "most people could not afford a £10k watch".

It seems like their Mods have gone on big power trips recently and are removing anything deemed midly offensive...but only when it seems to go one way...against the left.

I swear the anti-fascist, fascist brigade have infiltrated that site and it is no longer fun to comment.

Just my opinion. Maybe I'm wrong but be good to get others thoughts.

26 days ago
What do you think of this?
MrsCraig25 days ago

This post is likely to be removed as it is discussing a rival site and this goes against the rules. It is explained in the guidelines section.

25 days ago

Hey Sllim999 🙂

I appreciate your frustration and wanting somewhere to vent!

It's a tricky one but I ultimately don't think LD is the place to directly feedback on the moderator decisions of a competitor site. I'd suggest you perhaps take any feedback to them directly, their trustpilot or an independent forum/discussion board such as reddit?

I say it's tricky because we probably wouldn't allow a post saying "Everyone go to this competitor site now its great!" and so if feels "fair" to equally disallow an outwardly critical post.

We'd welcome more general conversations about what each site perhaps does well or badly - we're always looking to improve LD and value any such feedback!

I also appreciate the irony of locking this topic given the subject matter. Please do drop us a message via our contact form if you have any queries or want to talk the decision through.

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