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Anyone Holidaying This Year . Where U Off


Where are u all going for ur holiday this year ? Are u going abroad or in england . Would u stay over here if the weather was.like it was abroad ? I wouldnt because our beaches arent anything like they are abroad . We wont be going as 1 we cant afford n 2 because of jojos agrophobia ... next year is my 50th so fingers crossed with the counselling shes getting n us saving up we can get awzy

2 years ago
What do you think of this?
nicolajaynehend2 years ago

Good morning Darren. I not going away because of the animals I got. I do not trest any one to look after them like I do. I will just go on day trips. That's just has fun. And I back for the animals. In the evening time . But if it's really hot I stay home one because of the animals needing water and the 2nd is me. The heat makes me very poorly.. But this year is diffran t ive no dad. So I might stay home. And any way i am doing the house up from top to bottom. And it going to take this year and part of next year. Because money is tight. I save up. Then when i got enough i carry on again. Are you and jojo going any were nice. Or are you stopping at home. All the best to jojo with her counselling. And you two make it next year for your holiday. Keep me up to date how jojo is doing. I know she can do it. Ive got a lot of faith in jojo. Hope you got on ok at the hospital last week for your check up. 🤗🤗

GlitchHunter2 years ago

I've already been to Canada this Jan and I've got a trip to center parcs booked and another one in April somewhere in Europe but haven't decided on San Sebastian or Sardinia. Maybe even Amsterdam now, looking at the Eurostar deals.

PhilipMarc2 years ago

Visiting Cyprus on March 3rd for about 2-3 days but then back to normal.

Yahya2 years ago

Not at the minute but posting virtually every day deals like


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