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Anyone Knows How to Get a Better Deal on Sky

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My sky contract is expiring in July how do I get a better deal on my next sky subscription

a year ago
What do you think of this?
TheChimpa year ago

They have been getting a bit tight recently, so you probably won't get such a good deal as you would have had in the past.

Go onto live chat and have a right minge at them, but don't expect too much.

Twollocksa year ago

I phoned up last month to cancel as my bill had doubled in 3 years and I don't really use it, I was offered Sky Q for free and went onto their new Signature package and am now paying £30 less a month. I stupidly said no to Sky Q and still don't use it apart from to record programmes.

I know they still have call handlers there as friends work there but hit and miss as to how long you would wait on the phone

Mango4a year ago

Depends what you actually use on sky, if it's just the movies or entertainment package it may be better to drop sky altogether and get Now TV as you can usually pick up cheap Movies & Entertainment passes for that .

MrsCraiga year ago

Depends what you want from sky. Our bill went up to £80 so my husband did a live chat with them and we got super fast broadband, the original bundle with sky boxsets and the F1 channel for £48 a month. I can manage without the F1 channel but my husband loves it. Tell them that when your current contract expires you might need to get rid as it is becoming too expensive and see what they offer.

AliceBell64468a year ago

It could be worth looking on cashback sites and apps also or priority apps as I have an offer through my Natwest rewards to contract or recontract with Sky and get £75 cash back. I am with Virgin and they have let me pause sports for 3 months to cut our monthly cost.

Dennaba year ago

Just change providers and go through a cashback site such as QuidCo or Topcashback. It's very unlikely that they'll be able to match that. Just look up what people say about the other providers before you do it. For me personally, I wouldn't be too bothered about leaving Sky because the WiFi range on the router they provided with my broadband is awful.

nina090976a year ago

Have you got the sky app,sometimes there are personalised offers just for your account,.. mention that you have seen a similar package with a different provider for better value,..ask if they can match it,as a long standing customer you can get some good deals aswell x

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