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Apple Fined for Slowing down Old iPhones

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I‘m sure that the 25 million euro fine (£21m, $27m) is nothing for them, and it wont stop how they control the users’ habits

10 days ago
What do you think of this?
BonzoBanana10 days ago

Seems to be many who were annoyed by this jumped ship to android so that is probably the real damage to Apple financially because of this. I've got an old iphone someone gave me to play with but I never understood why people would pay so much for them. They are nice phones but the limited storage I find very restrictive.

davidstockport10 days ago

I get tired of companies being fined for sharp practice. What happens to the money they're fined! It doesn't find its way back to the people who've been ripped off.

In other words we're being screwed from two different directions.

I was swindled (as were many others) by the Prudential when I retired, they were fined nearly £24 million, does anyone know what happened to that money? I nor any of the others got any of it. The Prudential only had to pay us back what they swindled us out of - no actual compensation.


ACR10 days ago

Given how devious this move was and the number of people effected the fine amounts to little more than petty cash to a company the size of Apple... Now instead of slowing down phones they have simply stopped providing updates to older models to encourage people to upgrade.

HannahSunderlan10 days ago

Because of the poor battery life on apple phones I have jumped ship to android after being an apple user for about 6/7 years, also I suspect other phone company's are probably doing the same I was truly fed up with my iPhone towards the end of its short life!

ptenn0010 days ago

is it enough to make an apple user switch to being an android user? or maybe android is just as bad?

davidstockport9 days ago

Regarding short battery life - I think the warning signs were when they started making phones and lap tops with inbuilt batteries that couldn't be easily changed. I still use an old Blackberry mobile and if going anywhere carry a fully charged spare battery, never had to use it though, it cost about £1.50 on ebay. Now the newer phones are either obsolete or an expensive repair bill when the batteries are past their best.

Rockman9 days ago

If Steve Jobs was still alive Apple would be fun a lot differently. The new Apple is just unoriginal and greedy.

Either way, I tried "liking" iOS devices, but they're too restrictive for me. Even Windows Phones offered more liberty of moving around files and what have you. lol

Oh yes.. STILL no SD card.

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